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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Andrey Remnev_ Andrej Remnjov_ Андрей Ремнёв

Andrej Remnjov (Андрей Ремнёв) - Remnev

"Andrej Remnjov was born in 1962 in Yachroma, not far from Moscow. This mountain village afforded him a view of hills and valleys, forests and fields, waterfalls, and the Moscow-Volga canal. This environment and the local residents characteristic of the area would always remain a source of inspiration for Andrej Remnjov. He most identifies himself with the 19th century period of Russian art history. He is especially fascinated by the transitional period from icon painting to a more academic manner of painting. His technique is realistic; he is as masterful in depicting subject matter as a 17th-century Dutch master, but in the surfaces we recognize the icon-painter who makes the foreground and background equally visible. The vista of the background of a close-up portrait pushes itself forward to the viewer as urgently as the personage in the foreground, because Remnjov is a painter of an inexplicable clarity that, by way of an alienating, magic spectrum, makes his world visible.
After his training at the Moscow Art School, Andrej Remnjov attended the Surikov Academy in Moscow. He then spent eight years in study with Brother Viacheslav Savinyh, the master icon painter of the Spaso-Andronikov Monastery in Moscow. He perfected the traditional tempera technique of icon painting with no other goal than to use this technique for his own personal paintings. Thus Remnjov developed into a unique, inimitable artist who from a profound knowledge of his culture’s artistic language and symbolism has arrived at an altogether personal expression.

Since 1987 he has exhibited in Russia, Germany, France and Cyprus. Beginning in 2005 De Twee Pauwen Gallery has been the exclusive representative of Remnjov in the Netherlands. "


zoe said...

fascinating... he uses cloth and hair and steam in a very original and striking way to create a sense of more than one reality or a dream-like lack of boundaries to each scene. great find, jazz! thanks!

Vesna said...

I truly enjoy Andrejs work, thanks so much. All your posts are amazing!


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