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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Sandra Bierman

Sandra Bierman

"Sandra Bierman, grandmother of five, was born 1938 in Brooklyn, New York, but from age 4 grew up in Oklahoma, Texas and Maryland. Her father was a Swedish immigrant and her mother a Texas farm girl. She was nurtured as a child by her part-Cherokee grandmother. Art scholarships began at age 11. Sandra is married to retired physics professor Arthur Bierman, and they have lived in Boulder, Colorado since 1988. Her oils are widely collected and are published and distributed worldwide. Influences: 16th Century Italian masters, Mexican masters, Chinese and Japanese classical art."

"It is important in my work that I paint intuitively, with no models or photographs to influence the spontaneity of my inner perceptions as they emerge. Although I approach the canvas much like an abstract painter, working with divisions of space, shapes and lines, I enjoy the added challenge of using the human figure. I consciously work with technique and composition, but my unconscious adds an element of inner yearning for tranquility, strength and well being-- depending on my mood. The figures, often depict grounded women with bare earthy feet and large caring hands. The women may be cradling a child, getting solace from a cat or washing their hair in the rain Éreflections from my own life. The large old women may be my grandmother or me. I am also the cat or baby. In a way, the whole painting is a self-portrait from the inside, out. Men are also coming into my compositions. For the sake of important elements in a work, I often exaggerate or distort shapes and lines to enhance the overall flow and composition. I apply the paint, but it is a struggle to not get in the way of the process as it unfolds. It works best if the vision guides me, not I guide it. I notice that my visits to Kauai are influencing my palette. I thank my son "jbum" for all his expertise in making this web site."

Sandra Bierman

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zoe said...

oh! she loves her cats, it is so beautiful! everything is the perfect shape!


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