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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Margarida Cepêda

Margarida Cepêda

Margarida Cepêda was born on 12 April 1959 in Lisbon, Portugal
After finished her Fine Arts studies, in 1983, she began to paint professionally and she never stopped since then.

"Margarida Cepêda seen by Helena Mineiro (journalist)

Writing about Margarida Cepeda is writing about an absolutly fascinating being who convenes powerful energies and leads one to suspect of workings of the Divine.
I first met her in 2002, through a common friend, our beloved Mario Costa. He is someone unusual, genuine, brotherly and, really passionate about the artist whose professional development he follow since the late eighties. Perhaps by means of "osmosis" I too was irrefutaly "taken"

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