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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Aleksei Tivetsky

"I have always desired to find a personal expression, creating my artwork based on the work of the old Masters with a slightly more contemporary look. Conservation is such an exacting, scientific pursuit. My painting allows me a creative outlet for my own interpretation." -- Aleksei Tivetsky

ALEKSEI TIVETSKY is a Russian-born painter who works extensively in iconography, fresco and trompe l’oeil artwork. With 23 years of experience in restoration and conservation on works of art in Italy, Russia and the United States, Tivetsky’s artwork is infused with a technique and imagery reminiscent of the great master painters. From original frescos to oil, tempera and gold leaf on wooden panels, Tivetsky’s artwork seems to have been borne of another age, infused with a truly erudite sensibility that few painters have successfully accomplished in this era.

Tivetsky, understandably, has been extremely impacted by the Italian Renaissance masters, an influence that is extremely apparent in his artwork. Though it is difficult for the artist to note his most significant influences, having personally worked to restore so many of the original works by these great artists, Fra Angelico and Botticelli immediately come to mind.

Tivetsky received his Master’s degree in Fine Arts from the State Academy of Art in Moscow in 1977, where he studied under the tutelage of Professor A.I. Laktionov. From there, he continued his scholarly pursuit into artistic technique and restoration at such prestigious institutes as The Getty Conservation Institute/Marina del Rey, The Scientific Conservation Laboratory for Artistic Works/Moscow, and the Consorzio Sparla Restauratori/Rome. He has worked as an independent art conservator and consultant for a number of private collections, restoring a variety of objects from marble, stone, and wood to tempera and oil paintings and frescos. His restoration projects have included work on 10th Century fresco paintings, 14th Century tempera paintings on wood panels, and 17th Century oil on canvas ceiling paintings in churches and cathedrals throughout Italy.

Conservation requires an exacting hand and is accompanied by very strict rules about keeping with the individual style of the original artist. Such a highly standardized and scientific occupation leaves little room for creative individuality, which is why Tivetsky has pursued his own painting as an outlet for self-expression. Tivetsky’s experience with and first-hand knowledge of the artwork of the 10th-18th centuries, however, translates seamlessly into his paintings, as if working intimately with the artwork of ages past has infused his hands with the talent to create art of similar distinction and precision. His technique is truly masterful.

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