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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Anastasia Hohriakova

Anastasia Hohriakova

Anastasia Hohriakova is a contemporary Russian artist and painter whose talent stands at the intersection of Symbolism and Surrealism.

In 1999 she entered the I.Repin Saint Petersburg State Academy Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. In 2001 Anastasia was transferred to the Department of Monumental Painting of the V.Surikov Moscow State Academy Art Institute, where she worked under the supervision of the famous Russian artist E.Maksimov. Anastasia successfully completed six years of study there.

Anastasia Hohriakova works in almost all genres of monumental and easel painting: interior murals and frescos, sgraffito and mosaic, portraits, genre scenes, landscapes and still life. Her artwork, both in painting and in composition, reflects the emotion, vivacity and energy with which she perceives the world around her. Her paintings subtly express mood and image distinguishing themselves by their integrity and clear, constructive composition.

The artist has created hundreds of art originals and completed a series of paintings for the play "There's enough simplicity for every sage", staged at the Maly Theatre in Moscow. Anastasia spent the summer of 2003 creating murals for the Saint Nicholas Cathedral in New York, the main Russian Orthodox parish in the United States, in celebration of its the 100th Anniversary. Her paintings are held in private collections throughout Russia, the United States, Great Britain, Italy, France, Spain, Hong Kong.

Member of the Artists’ Union of Russia since 2007
Member of the Moscow Artists’ Union Monumental Painting Chapter since 2006
Member of the International Art Fund since 2001

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