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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Brad Noble

Brad Noble

"I don't mind changing a painting completely. Because even if it was six months of creation to that point, it could just be one week to take it to the next level. And you can't deprive yourself of that possibility just because you're afraid to touch it or it's not quite the same path you had originally thought. There's none of that. It's not a rigid creation."

Brad Noble

Brad Noble, a prodigious talent, was drawing recognizable objects at the age of 18 months, and at age 10 was presented with his first significant award for a drawing and was on display at the Empire State Building. Many years and awards have followed, most recently his representation of the US at the Florence Biennial, and having his work acquired by the Moscow Museum of Modern Art. He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Art Center School of Design, Pasadena, but he says his principal training has been the study and analysis of past and present artists. For Noble, there are too many great ones to name. "Our family is raised on art. My parents were art majors who encouraged our creativity with few limits to environment. Creating is what we do," says Noble.

Brad Noble may be living proof that someone can truly be "born to paint". That is- if the gift of art is passed from the blood of ancestors on to their descendants, flowing freely within the bloodlines of a family- the talent of this 30-year-old American painter's work stands as affirmation.

The artistic roots of Noble's family tree were planted generations ago in the picturesque Ozark hills. Throughout a span of many years the family tree has borne fruit such as Noble's grandfather- a WWI portrait artist; and father-an artist-turned-advertising-magnate with an international corporation. The tree's wide-spanning branches also boast offerings of sculptors, illustrators, muralists, art teachers, and photographers. "I never saw my grandma without her sketchbook," says Noble. "I still like to study the pages."

However, one might be looking forever if seeking Brad Noble's name upon that tree of the past. For Noble's stands alone - a Tree of Life branching in multiple directions, covering vast territory, and nearly impossible for one to turn away from. His work speaks for itself, and does so eloquently, loudly, consistently, and with commanding presence.

This rare prolific artist, whose style calls to mind the refinement and grace of the Old Masters, has completed 130 paintings since 1996. He defines the core of all his works as "the figure". "I create as I paint, with an improvisational style, intention without destination, beginning with a central subject or emotion and remaining open to direction." It is a precarious technique and leaves many canvases doomed to early destruction.
Noble's fascinations with perspective, the subconscious and the 3-dimensional prevail throughout his work. His flair for creating images that can be seen different ways; hiding images within figures, backgrounds, or objects; and creating depth is extraordinary. Noble enjoys toying with the viewer's subconscious to cause him to seek out and contemplate the deliberateness of obscured objects. His first experiment with the human subconscious occurred when he was suspended from his high school for allegedly painting "subliminal, inappropriate content" into a school-spirit mural for which he had been commissioned. The mural still stands today, due to "lack of proof" and remains a favorite topic for speculation among students.

Noble carries the urge to paint with him 24 hours a day, often painting through the night and sleeping only a few hours in the morning. Literature, mass media, rhetoric, opera, music, travel, film, propaganda, and current events inspire him so he satisfies his existence by constantly absorbing influential parts of his world. "My work documents significant elements, defining moments, and observations in life, he explains. "In each painting a door is opened where I purge my confessions or self -observations onto the canvas. My work serves as a sort of visual prose, or metaphorical narrative." Much of Noble's professional career has been spent living and developing a loyal following in the ci ties of Los Angeles and New York. However, he feels he is often at his most productive when painting in his studio in his home city of Springfield, where the large number of galleries, art festivals, theaters, and symphonies proves it is not the "typical" mid-western town when it comes to the arts.

Brad Noble has in many ways been a closely guarded secret among his many clients, a wide variety of people deeply affected by his work, ranging from recording industry giants and New York screenwriters to State Supreme Court Justices and prominent or local art collectors.

"I've been lucky so far," says Noble. "Every day of my life, I paint. If I can freely paint, for the rest of my life, that is my goal."

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