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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Magda Francot

The world of Magda is a place of "Illusionary Realism" - scenes from her imagination laced with the inspiration she derives from music and literature.

Magda's oil paintings follow in the great Flemish school of painters. She lives in Antwerp, Flanders, a great sea faring city and centre of commerce which spawned many of our most highly regarded artists. Magda prefers working in oils, but has also mastered pastels, watercolours and coloured pencils to which she brings the same mastery of colour and light and darkness. She creates symbolic works of art, and fine portraits commissioned in all of these media.

Magda Francot (born in Antwerp on 30 July, 1942) is married to Architect Hug Francot, works in Antwerp, Belgium and lives in Wezemaal, Belgium (Close to Leuven). She primarily works in oils on canvas and panel and her work finds its roots in the great Flemish tradition. Besides creating her portraiture and symbolic work, Magda also has her own art school where she teaches enthusiasts the art of drawing and painting, also in traditional techniques like tempera. The knowledge of this latter technique also enables her to restore old paintings to their former glory.

Magda and her husband Hug own a cottage in the French
Ardeche, and above watercolour by Magda depicts this landscape.


1957-'60 Institute for Decorative Arts in Antwerp.
1960-'61 Academy of Fine Arts in Dendermonde, department Monumental Painting.
1960-'62 Institute of Fine Arts in Antwerp, department decoration.
1962-'64 Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, department oil painting, with Prof. Gustaaf De Bruyne. Drawing with Prof. Marcel Mutsaerts.

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