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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Olga Gouskova

Olga Gouskova

Often walking hand-in-hand with controversy is the sensual female form, Russian born, Belgium based - artist Olga Gouskova certainly knows how to capture an audience with her paintings of beautiful and stylish women. Gouskova's women are sexy, melancholic and mysterious, with a powerful physical intensity and a subtleness of form which almost makes you want to caress them. Her female figures do in fact caress themselves, almost as if to emphasize the preciousness of the female body - the eternabasedl source of life and love. The sinuous lines in Gouskova's paintings convey vibrations, memories, ambivalent feelings and deep emotion by means of the positions and expressions of the figures.

Her contemporary approach to pose, dynamic composition and colour produces paintings that are modern, proud, vibrant and uniquely individual. When painting, Gouskova uses two different techniques. First she draws the body with sepia pencil to make it look almost real - warm and soft, giving it a feeling of physical intensity and a subtleness of form, outline and volume. For the rest of each painting she uses acrylic and all kinds of pens to draw lines and small decorative details. She doesn't paint the volume, using instead flat washes of colour. The lines and patterns make the composition dynamic and complete.

Olga Gouskova was born 28 July 1974 in Moscow, Russia. She grew up in Belarus.

1985-1992 Byelorussian Art lyceum, Minsk, Belarus
1992-1996 Byelorussian Academy of Arts, Design department, Minsk, Belarus
1996 immigrated to Belgium. Since 2002 she lives in Bruges and works as graphic designer

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jazz! these are so unique--thank you for the explanation of her style of painting, it is really striking, and inspiring! i wish i could favorite this post :D i will definitely come back to it...


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