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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Ruben Abovian

Ruben Abovian

Ruben Abovian, born in Armenia in 1948, has long recognized as a painter of extraordinary ability of many world famous art critics and artists. His imagination is free and he produces an outstanding work that projected him as a distinguished artist. Abovian's exhibitions are always considered to be an important event. He is a true pioneer and has introduced many bold innovations into European painting. Ruben Abovian has established a new avenue in today's contemporary art. I have been impressed by the impact and the mystery of his personages and characters with no faces, without eyes. It is majestic and bewitching!

1979 Member of the International Association of Arts (UNESCO).

1979 Member of the Union of Artist of Armenia Sience

1991 holds the Title of Honorable Artist of Republic of Armenia


Anonymous said...

Excelent paintings. Thank you

Anonymous said...

Excelent collection, love this Armanian Artists

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I just feel sorry that the slideshow does not work so that you can see the rest of the collection. Maybe they'd resolve this issue soon ...

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What a wonderful and generous blog!!!
such an amount of incredible visions,so many talented artist from all over the world
it's really inspiring

Thanks for such a pleasure ART ODISSEY
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My pleasure to have you here Sig.
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