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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

My work is the result of my chasing visions that I can almost see. I want to make a visual expression of feelings and thoughts I have experienced in the past and in imagination and dreams. On a conscious level I put a construction on the images that I make so that they make formal visual sense to the viewer. I want to find and to make visible the thing I am looking for, and I want to show it in a form that will communicate it. I want the viewer to feel that he is seeing something that is from his own life.

I have a fund of ideas, a vocabulary which comes from early memories of colour and space. Some of these images are views of remembered spaces. Some of these imagined images are an attempt to make a feeling into the visual, by constructing spaces which would make me feel like that, or by making a figure whose attitude shows how it feels to be in that space.

I start with a space or a figure expressing a feeling from this fund of ideas. Once I have something to look at two things start to happen. The picture evolves as I add on ideas as a response to what I see, with a logic the viewer can read and engage with. Also, I respond to what's on the canvas formally, within the structure I have created I can work with ideas I have about language, which may or may not consciously interest the onlooker, but which are the core of the development of the work.

Sue Vesely

11 September, 1953 born in Birmingham in UK, of Anglo-Czech parents.
8 November, 2008 Arrived in Sydney, Australia.

Art Education.
78 – 81 Master of Arts in Painting with distinction for dissertation, Royal College of Art, London, UK
74 – 77 Bachelor of Fine Arts, Birmingham Polytechnic, Birmingham, UK
72 – 74 Foundation in Art and Design, Stafford College of Art and Design, Stafford, UK

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