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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Oleg Gurenkov - Гуренков Олег

Oleg Gurenkov - Гуренков Олег

"Oleg Gurenkova Fabrics woven from scraps of mythological discourse. As noted by Carl Gustav Jung, as we explore the symbols, they lead us in the area lying outside of common sense. As with all of our intellectual limitations, we call that a" divine ", we all just give him a name, which is based on faith, but not on the actual certificate.
The names of paintings by Oleg Gurenkova: "Komoeditsa (Adoration of the Bear)", "Russian Hills", "Funeral Cuckoos", "Bozhelese", "Waiting for a miracle",
"flowering fern," Vodyanitsa " "Zlata Baba (Rain Dance)", Rainbow"Righteous Forest" will surely go back to the images of Slavic mythology.

The artist removes them from the facts of contemporary culture, scientific publications, ethnographic expeditions, but the desire to build your own text, transforms them into the experience of the artist, who is trying to tame the ever-changing forms of the world around him ...

Perhaps, therefore, of great importance in the work of Oleg Gurenkova become picture frames, window frames reminiscent of, and unique charms, the boundaries between the inner world of the artist, weaving fabric of its own worldview and the outside world audience, trying to find meaning and significance of every character, every detail, creating their own interpretations and images. Windows - a source of light penetrating into the outside, which imparts the outlines of things.

The essence of the myth Oleg Gurenkova not only in the fact that he appeals to the archaic texts and forms of culture. The very desire to create a coherent image, to create a cycle of works as a reflection of the idea of eternal return, on its basis dates back to archaic forms of communication.

Experience in reconstruction of the Slavonic mythology in the works Gurenkova is not so much a creative process to restore the visual images of endangered forms of the past, but, in fact, an integral part of culture, experience human identity in a constantly changing space, his permanent lost meanings and forms .... He lacks the courage to step over the threshold of commonness.

(excerpts from article by O. Lysenko. Russia Ethnographic Museum)

Oleg Gurenkov was born in Jelgava (Latvia) in 1958.

1973 - enrolled in the Art College named. Vlasov (Astrakhan)
1983 - enrolled in the Academy of Fine Arts. Ilya Repin, the faculty of easel painting.
1989 - graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts. Repin with silver medal
1980 - 1992 - work in a creative workshop led by B. Ugarova and B. Zagoneka
1996 - was admitted to the Union of Artists of Russia

His work has acquired the Royal Academy in London, sold at Christie's auction, but also in numerous private collections in Germany, Sweden, Finland, United States, Britain, Holland, Greece, Poland.

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