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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Angela Bentley Fife

Angela Bentley Fife

"Human life itself may be almost pure chaos, but the work of the artist is to take these handfuls of confusion and disparate things, things that seem irreconcilable, and to put them together in a frame to give them some kind of shape and meaning." -Katherine Porter, writer (1894 - 1980)

''Much of my work is created out of my own confusion of stereotypes, roles, and expectations that surround us and shift with time. I question our cultural ideals, why we place emphasis on certain characteristics both male and female, and I express my own weaknesses and insecurities through painting. In grouping symbols that are similar or contrasting, I can present an idea as concretely as I choose, while allowing space for interpretation. The underlying drive is that I have an urge to paint because of the physical process as well as the emotional development of an idea.''

Angela Bentley Fife

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