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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Anthony Christian

At only 10 years of age, Anthony Christian (Born in London, 24th October, 1945) was granted the privilege of studying the techniques of the "Old Masters" at the National Gallery in London and the accolade of publicity he received during this period, announced him to the world as a child prodigy. Throughout his time at the National Gallery and for a further seven years Anthony studied at length the works of Rubens and Rembrandt as well as other Old Masters.

Although students and professional Artists are able to utilise this method of learning, none are allowed to do so under the age of eighteen and Anthony's opportunity has remained unique to this day.

In his earlier days Anthony earned his living as a Portrait Artist and painted many of the world's rich and famous, including Lord Mountbatten, Baroness Olympia de Rothschild, Baroness Fiona Thyssen, Count Guido di Carpegna, Lord Lichfield, Blake Edwards, Julie Christie and Terence Stamp.
His work now features in some of the most prominent private art collections in the world. Collections such as Gore Vidal, Baroness Marie-Helene de Rothschild, Viscountess de Ribes, Mrs J Heinz, Bill Blass, HM Queen Elizabeth II, Mrs. James Lipton and Herbie Hancock.

As for his painting and drawing, his style most resembles the techniques of Leonardo da Vinci and he has dedicated his life to the discovery of all means possible, to paint the most beautiful works of art ever.

Anthony chooses to live a bohemian existence, living as a virtual recluse and making recognition extremely difficult. Until recently, he was living on one of the most beautiful properties in the world, in Southern India, surrounded by the various collections he has made from brass to glass, baskets to African gourds, textiles to costumes and an amazing library covering virtually every Artist and Museum in the world.He is a true eccentric.

His wife, Fanny, is also a superb artist, creating mesmerising images of such captivating detail and beauty that the eye cannot help but widen in amazement. Fanny's style is probably unique in its form and in no way influenced by Christian's work despite how closely they live and work together. Her work comes purely from her heart and soul, manifesting itself in a harmony of colour and form upon paper.


Inspiration cannot be invented; it comes from God through nature. The true artist works primarily for the God he believes in, secondly for himself, simply doing what he feels he must do.

The artist must learn to allow his hand to do as his soul commands without letting his brain get in the way. He must live to paint not paint to live. His purpose is to permanently enrich the world.

The Artist is the tool of the God in which he believes; his purpose is to help others see the incredible beauty that is bestowed upon us.

True Artists are the luckiest and richest people alive, having been given the gift of sight and vision; their Art is the sharing of that gift.''

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