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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Chris Sedgwick

Chris Sedgwick

''So that the beginning is to the end as the end is to the beginning and that to the distance between there is niether ''

''Using the Roman Augur as the central figure, many of his pieces are self portraits focusing on the tranfser of energy and the process of creation. Heavily influenced by Carravagio, Odd Nerdrum, Sir Alta-Tadema and Maxfield Parish, his narrative work is well suited for both portraits and thematic commissions.

A Florida native with a BFA from Florida State University, Chris relocated to Asheville in 2004. Chris Sedgwick’s work is in private collections throughout the world from Holland to New Zealand. Both Florida State University and Western Carolina University hold his paintings in their museum collections. ''

''Sedgwick’s work utilizes interpenetrating layers of symbolism, mysticism, and narrative to construct a spiritual landscape in which beings channel a timeless natural energy. His figures are often shown in isolated landscapes deep in the acts of ritual or divination.
Chris draws influence from Hans Memling, Early European master works, ancient symbols, universal archetypes, esoteric knowledge, and the rich database of scientific discoveries.
Chris exhibits in Asheville, NC and currrently lives and works in the high desert region of New Mexico. ...''

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