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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Elena Flerova - Елена Флёрова

Elena Flerova

"...Flerova's paintings connect the light and shadows of the distant past to the present day.
Image after image is over-flowing with detail, such excellence of dexterity combined with such feeling and intrinsic understanding of the human condition as she
sees it and has experienced, puts her in the head category of modern master."

-Victor Forbes, Fine Art Magazine

Historical Romantic

''The works of internationally honored artist Elena Flerova range from remarkably insightful portraits that capture the spirit of her subjects to large-scale monoprint paintings and oils. They also include wall murals, screens and other interior decoration for private residences and public buildings. All of them evoke the mystique, essence and sweep of historical and religious events and fables.

Born in Moscow, USSR, in 1943, Flerova graduated with honors from the prestigious Surikov Fine Arts Institute in 1969. Her top graduate standing won her a scholarship to the National Academy of Fine Arts, an exclusive school admitting only a limited number of exceptionally gifted artists. Both institutions assisted Elena in maturing her great talent and establishing authentic academic skills. Combined with her inherent ability to create sophisticated compositions, these skills empowered Elena Flerova to devise unique artwork.

The avenue in which the artist uses light and shadow, color and composition equates her with old European masters. All these properties are efficiently used by Elena for conveying both mood and movement in her paintings. At the same time, her exceptional mastery in providing the presence of vibrating air illumination relates her with more recent impressionists. The artist refrains from any preparatory sketches and starts working directly with brush and canvas. This freedom distinguishes her in a favorable way from the majority of contemporary realists working in a less dynamic manner.

Flerova is a master monoprint painter as well as an award-winning book and magazine illustrator, watercolorist and etcher. In the tradition of old masters, and unlike typical monoprint artists, Elena forges jeweler-like results by refining her work following the transfer. Meticulous details sharpened by intense color and provocative lighting create masterftil three-dimensional illusion.

Over the course of her professional career, Elena Flerova has been recognized as an exceptional talent. She has had numerous one person shows in Europe and North America. Her works have been shown in more than 80 national and international exhibitions and won numerous awards and honors. Paintings by Elena Flerova are held in many private collections in the United States and abroad.''

Brother Richard G. Cannuli, O.S.A.
Chair, Department of Art and Art History
DirectoriCurator, Villanova University Art Gallery

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