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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Erika Gofton

Erika Gofton

Erika Gofton is a painter from Melbourne Victoria , she paints predominately with Oil on Canvas, while some works have handstitching/embroidery

''I am celebrating the sensitivity and beauty of the female figure. I wish to present an intimate look at womanhood and to create works depicting beauty, grace and harmony. I am captivated by the female form and intrigued with the subtlety between the sensual and the sexual, the unique motifs and iconography associated with femininity.

Texture, fabric and drapery play an integral role in my work. The natural beauty of the body and the echo of form beneath the natural folds of the drapery suggests a quiet and captivating sexuality. The evocative suggestion of flesh showing through lace is enchanting.

Lacework, embroidery, patternmaking and fabric designs, uniquely female experiences and motifs, are also prominent in my work and symbolise characteristically female practices. The strong design and composition of these elements also aim to reflect shapes and forms in the figure and the chosen dresses, offering a work built on layers of pattern and form. By handstitching on the canvas in some works aims to give another layer of significance to the painted layers beneath but also employs the practice I am celebrating.

Butterflies, and more recently birds, feature in my work, as they embody beauty, grace and harmony. Their presence suggests quiet movement as a subtle contrast to the stillness of the figure. Birds also represent another uniquely female experience; motherhood.''


2006 Study tour of Italy, France, London and New York - portrait workshop in New York
1996 Diploma of Education Secondary Visual Arts, University of Tasmania
1995 Bachelor of Fine Arts, School of Art University of Tasmania

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