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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Keith Perelli

Keith Perelli

Through my work I hope to communicate a human connection to the events, issues and emotions that shape our lives and world. While my work has become more politically motivated over the past three years, I still feel a need to create visual images that speak beyond the relevance of today. I have explored disease, religion, human struggle, weakness and power through mostly figurative work or work that relates to the body. I try to find connections between the past and present as they relate to a vision of the future.

On Influences-

I have always been drawn to artists whose work deals with the figure. Deep at the core of my interest in technique and narrative or genre painting are the Masters such as Caravaggio, Rembrant, De La Tour, Degas, Monet, Vulliard, Bonnard, Turner, Ensor, and Sargent. These are just a few of my favorites. I try to study their uses of layering, color, shape, glazing and palettes as I make decisions in my own work. My Favorite artist is EdgarDegas. I believe his modern approach to balancing detail with areas of shape and color are admirable for his time in history. His "incomplete" images allow us to peer through the layers to the under painting thus recording a selective approach to what is truly important to him as an artist in capturing the essence of his subject..

Some of my favorite contemporary artists dealing with the human form are Kiki Smith, Rebecca Horn, Lucian Freud, Enrique Martinez Celaya, and Odd Nerdrum. Other artists of particular interest are James Turrell, Sol Lewitt, Jonathan Borofsky, Richard Johnson, Gerhard Richterand Richard Diebenkorn to name a few.

On Process-

I most often work from my imagination and observation. In order to do this, I spend a great deal of time studying the people around me and record my observations in my sketchbook. My favorite part of the creation process is drawing, brainstorming and experimenting with media to find the tools that best communicate my ideas in a visual form. It is important to me to ask what materials, techniques, palette and manner of presentation best suit what I want to suggest visually. The bulk of my work is planned in my sketches however, I only use them as a guide to the creative processes that come alive with the physicality of the act of art making. It is important for me to make "good and bad" work in order to find what it is that I truly want to express to my audience.

-Keith Perelli

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