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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Kevin Peterson

Kevin Peterson

Born on June 3,1980 in San Diego, Ca, Kevin Peterson found himself immersed in history, and exposed to various creative arenas throughout his youth. It was there, in this encouraging environment, that he found access to various surrealist literature and poetry, this influenced him greatly, their ideals and distinctive approaches to art seemed to have an impact there forth. He became captivated with
drawing/painting and its different means of communication. With a base of technical skills and some influence, Kevin found himself at the Laguna College of Art and Design, pursuing a BFA in Illustration. There he uncovered a recognizable style and his own particular voice through his subject matter and color variation. Having a background of freelance illustration has made the transition into fine art smoother than normal for him. While maintaining the speed required to excel in a competitive field, the quality of work being produced by him seems to be rising and rising.

" My particular style , as odd as it sounds, has little to do with thinking or planning. While painting or drawing, I make it a point to let my mind drift, and place objects where I feel they need to be. I use conventional vehicles such as light, composition and technique to invite the audience to my work. I use these conventional vehicles to specifically lure the viewer into my world. My main concerns are not found in convoluted plots or narratives, but simply with trying to portray interesting shapes and negative space, onseductive atmospheres with care and sensitivity. I would say more than anything, I paint what I love, and I love what I paint, which I believe directly correlates with how you achieve success in painting or drawing. You can feel whether or not a particular artist loves what he is painting, and my goal is to try and convey this love, and hope others will share it with me."

Kevin Peterson


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