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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Liu Ye - 刘野

Liu Ye


Liu Ye (1964 -) was born in Beijing.

In 1984 graduated from the Beijing Arts and Crafts School.

In 1989, studied at the Central Academy of Fine Arts Mural Department, and participated in the "Silk Road Art Exhibition" (China Art Gallery, Beijing).

1991 "Free the Art Exhibition" (Berlin Exhibition Center, Berlin).

1993, "Liu Ye Ⅰ Exhibition" (Taube Gallery, Berlin, Germany). Berlin, Germany,

1994, graduated from the Art Institute and received a master's degree.

1995, "Liu Ye Ⅱ" Exhibition (Taube Gallery, Berlin, Germany), "Shi Shuo Xin Yu" exhibition (Beijing International Art Palace Gallery, Beijing).

1997, "Liu Ye exhibition" (out by the first Gallery, Beijing).

1998 "is - one aspect of Chinese contemporary art" (the Forbidden City and Imperial Ancestral Temple, Beijing), "Mondrian in China" (Beijing International Art Palace Art Museum, Shanghai Library, Guangdong Museum of Art), "From Behind the Bamboo Curtain" (LUMC galleries, Leiden), "Chinese Artists Exhibition" (Liu Haisu Art Gallery, Shanghai), "Four Artists Exhibition" (International Art Palace Gallery, Beijing). 1999 "liberation" (Chinese Contemporary Gallery, London), "40 Anniversary Exhibition" (Berlin, Germany).

2000, "Liu Ye and Mao Yan" (Chinese Contemporary Gallery, London), "Shanghai Art Museum Collection Exhibition" (Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai), "Liu Ye exhibition" (Lococo Mulder Gallery, Berlin, Germany).

2001, "Federico Fellini, guard, Mondrian, Pope and my girlfriend" (London, Chinese Contemporary Gallery, London, England), "opaque and transparent?" (Basel), "Graphix & Comix" Exhibition (Netherlands). 2002 "China art-Chinese Contemporary Art" (Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome, Italy), "China art-Chinese Contemporary Art" (Duisburg, Germany).

2003 "New Generation and Post-revolution", "Chinese Contemporary Art Tour Exhibition," "touch is also tangible and intangible are untouchable," "left hand and right hand - in Germany and Contemporary Artists Exhibition."

2004 "red, yellow and blue" Hong Kong. Work widely at home and abroad art galleries, museums and private collectors collection.

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