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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Sheleg Viktor

Victor Sheleg was born in 1962 in Lomonosov, near Leningrad ( Sankt-Peterburg - now, Russia ). Childhood and youth spent in Liepaja ( Latvia ) where lives now . He is engaged in picturing from childhood, oil painting from 14 years. He don't graduated as Artist, and he mastered profession of Artist independently, was studying World History of Arts, accumulating his experience in painting. In 1995 Riga gallery ARS MODERNA was grounded and presented new direction in visual art - " Expressive Synteism ", what was based on create of Victor Sheleg.

His works there are in collection:

- The museum of Contemporary Arts in Jersey -City ( USA );
- The museum of Contemporary Arts in Vladivostok ( Russia );
- Baltic International Bank ( Riga );
- Service -Center DIVI ( Riga );
- Musa Motors ltd ( Riga );
- Private collection of Monserrate Cabalje.

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