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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Lyubov Toscheva - Love Toschev - Любови Тощевой

Lyubov Toscheva - Love Toschev - Любови Тощевой

Ljubov Toscheva started up in the author group of the Ivanovo Branch of RSFSR Art Fund, where she created the standards of headscarves, tippets and suit-lengths.

Ljubov Toscheva is the member of the Artists Union of Russia now, Malyutin's Prize winner, permanent participant of republican, regional and territorial exhibitions. Some part of her works is in Moscow, many others are in galleries and private collections of Russia, Germany, Czech, Hungary, France and Italy. Famous women, including Hilary Clinton, wear her tippets.

Ljubov Toscheva speaks about her work this way:

«Art of batik is very ancient. It was emerged in Indonesia. Pattern there was inflicted by a hot beeswax (this technique is named therefore «hot batik») and then dipped in paint. Each artist has his own approach to the plot execution in our time. I prefer «cold batik». This technique allows me to make the thinnest pattern.I like to convert white linen into fairy-tale, jewel depicting the theater of life where harmony, lines and color music, endless variations of miracle and love are reigning ».

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