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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Bob Byerley

Bob Byerley

"Bob Byerley is one of the foremost painters of children today. Considered a modern day Norman Rockwell, Bob's nostalgic Trompe 'Oleil (fool-the-eye-realism) oil paintings evoke a feeling of a kinder and gentler age in which he grew up.
His classical ultra realistic interpretations of the everyday experiences of the child, awakens in the viewer, long forgotten memories. The art combines precise academic painting techniques of the Old Dutch Masters with the heart and soul of Norman Rockwell.
Byerley's children are real, not fabricated or cutsie. In his paintings, imagination abounds. His children interact naturally with fairies, elves and surrealistic imaginary animals. He paints children doing things rather than viewing things; his kids are alive with vitality and mischief."

Ali Cavanaught

Ali Cavanaugh

"My dependence on the visual world began when I lost much of my hearing through spinal meningitis at 15 months of age. This loss was a blessing in disguise as I learned to depend on body language and reading lips to communicate. So, from my youngest days, I became sensitive to the people around me and the unspoken language revealed through compositions of the human body.
I am moved to portray the human figure in two aspects: body and soul. The image of a young female figure reaches into a part of my past that contains an infinite collection of ideas and images for inspiration. My daughter and nieces help create the visual framework for an entry point into those memories. I believe that every moment in life has potential as a great work of art…either a chapter in a book, a scene in a movie, or a painting.
I’m constantly in a state of awareness about the world; taking in the imagery, colors, and patterns that to my eye are compositions of settings and people. This keeps me in a place where my perception is enriched by each and every moment. "


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