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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Timothy Cummings

Timothy Cummings

Figurative painter Timothy Cummings has a wild fantasy life and a dark side. He is also one of the few enviable people who has known all of his life what his purpose is, and has been pursuing it like a heat-seeking missile since his childhood.

Cummings was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico and raised in the comfort of a highly supportive family. From early on, Cummings' mother actively fostered his individuality and facilitated the realization of his fantasies, whether doing so entailed providing the young Cummings with supplies to support his burgeoning
artistic habits, or allowing him to wear a dress and play with dolls instead of playing football.

At school, however, Cummings' circumstances were far more frustrating. After struggling for years with feelings of alienation from his peers and the limitations of a structured education, Cummings dropped out of high school right before the end of his senior year, only to return at the insistence of administrators who promised him a full scholarship to art school if he complied with their request.

As an art school student, however, Cummings' discontent only increased, and after only 12 days of enrollment, he withdrew. As an alternate method of furthering his personal and intellectual development, Cummings became an autodidact who inundated himself with facts and ideas in order to familiarize himself with a variety of artistic techniques and movements. Cummings notes, "That was purely my education; I got all the information I could from the library, or from books I could find, or TV and old films."

An excerpt from an article in the Magazine JUXTAPOX by Annie Tucker

Joe Sorren

"Born in Chicago, Illinois in 1970, Joe Sorren grew up around Phoenix and later Flagstaff, Arizona. He started painting in 1991. In 1993 he received his BFA from Northern Arizona University. For the very first time he was notticed in 1997 as the gold medal winner in the Society of Illustrators of New York competition, and again this year when he won the gold medal in Los Angeles. He is also well know for creating the mural on outdoor wall in downtown Heritage Square in Flagstaff. It’s 40' x 60' and it took 9 months to complete the project. His award winning illustrations have appeared in publications such as Rolling Stone, Print, The Los Angeles Times, Juxtapoz, Step-by-Step, Art Now, Communication Arts and have been used by Warner Brothers and Atlantic Records. Since his first solo exhibition in 1995, Sorren has exhibited his work in various group shows in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and Detroit. Joe Sorren's work is in collections worldwide, including those of David Arquette, Patricia Arquette, and Nike Brand President Mark Parker. He plays also as the drummer in the band called Sparkleface. Joe Sorren currently works in Flagstaff, Arizona where he lives with his wife, daughter and son" quote


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