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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Patricia Traub

Patricia Traub

"For decades, Traub has concerned herself with the situation of wild animals living in zoos or in their natural habitat. Ranging near and far in search of subjects, she has sketched at the Philadelphia Zoo as well as journeying to the Florida Everglades, Borneo, and Africa. In 1989, she was artist in residence with the Kuo Tribe in Kenya.

Traub explores the tenuous relationship between humans and animals, who can be loving companions or predator and prey. She paints nude or partly clothed humans in intimate proximity with animals or parts of animal bodies, prompting reflection on issues of wildlife conservation, the food chain, and the close bond between pets and their owners. In her finely rendered drawings, we see tigers, peacocks, and the artist's whippet as beautiful expressions of Nature's creation. These mysterious and sometimes disturbing images profoundly impress us. (right: Patricia Traub, USA b. 1947. Mammalia Touching, 2001-2002, charcoal, conte,
and paper. Collection of Mary Landa.)

Traub studied at the York (Pennsylvania) Academy of Arts and at the prestigious Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, where she has taught for fifteen years. She has exhibited in New York and Philadelphia, where she is represented by Roger La Pelle Galleries. Examples of her work are found in both public and private collections. "

Roman Zaslonov

Roman Zaslonov

Roman Zaslonov is one of the most celebrated artists of our time. Born in 1962, he studied for 13 years at the Russian Academy of Fine Arts in Minsk. Upon moving to France, he won instant acclaim (including First Prize at the Salon d’Automne in 1997) and gained a vast international following.

His paintings are stunning — visually, intellectually and emotionally arresting. They are filled with the most fantastic imagination and wit. His work has been variously described as surrealist, fantastical, neo-romantic, theatrical — but it defies categorization. Zaslonov is in a world that is entirely his own.

Roman Zaslonov’s paintings have become highly coveted and increasingly rare — generally available only through commission, and after prolonged wait. is honored to present the world’s finest collection of Roman Zaslonov’s most prized masterpieces

“Neo-romantic, fantastic realist — anchored in big, bold historical imagery, the lush, stylish, and always elegant paintings of Roman Zaslonov set our minds careening to find some sort of identifying tag. Zaslonov is like a collector of objects and images gone rampant, not bound by the laws of time or size, with teetering fantasy constructs that wouldn't hold up in any space outside his own extravagant world. His is a rarefied and punning sensuality, theatrical and monumental.

“It is extraordinary the way Roman stands out in a crowd. No other artist compares. His attention to detail, his historical perspective and his use of color are really unparalleled.”

Kashya Hildebrand

Valérie Dumas

Valérie Dumas

"... aime la beauté des pas-belles, le charme des rebelles..." Dahazed


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