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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Petar Meseldzija

Petar Meseldzija

"Petar Meseldzija was born in Novi Sad, Yugoslavia, Serbia in 1965. His career started in 1981, with the publication of his comic “Krampi” in Stripoteka, one of the best-known comic magazines in Serbia. It was followed by a series of short comics and work on the licensed comic Tarzan.

Petar graduated in the painting department of Art Academy in Novi Sad. During his studies, he continued his work on comics, but also started to do illustration. In '91 he illustrated his first book, Peter Enkorak, which was published by Mladinska Knjiga from Slovenia. At the beginning of the nineties he moved to the Netherlands. He drew his last comic page in '92, and after that he dedicated himself to illustration and painting.

During the nineties Petar designed and painted about 120 posters, prints and greeting cards, mostly for Verkerke Reproducties, a Dutch poster company. For Grimm Press, a publisher from Taiwan, he illustrated King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.

Since 1983 Petar has exhibited his work many times in conjunction with other artists in Yugoslavia, the Netherlands and the U.S. Petar had his first solo exhibition of illustrations and paintings in '98, at the Tjalf Sparnaay Gallery in Amsterdam.

His awards include the Plaque of The International Golden Pen of Belgrade 1994, Yugoslavia; two silver awards from Spectrum: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art 4 and 10, U.S.; and the Art Show Judges' Choice Award, 59th World Science Fiction Convention, Philadelphia, U.S..

His original work can be found in private collections in Yugoslavia, the Netherlands, Germany and the U.S."

Jake Baddeley

Jake Baddeley

"Jake was born in Nottingham, England, in 1964, and has been drawing since his early childhood. After finishing his education as an illustrator at the University of London in 1988 he decides to travel around Europe, which leads him to the Netherlands for the first time. During these travels he meets his wife Vanessa and in 1990 he decides to live in The Hague and to work as an illustrator. Inspired by the Dutch Masters he starts working with oil paint in 1992.

In 1996 he has his first solo exhibition. This exhibitons is, much to his own surprise, such a succes that it offers him the opportunity to paint on a full time base. Ever since he has had succesful solo and group exhibitions both nationally and internationally and his work has found it's way into many private and corporate collections.

Jake draws his inspirations from many sources: the Ancient Greeks, the Italian Renaissance Masters, the Dutch Masters, iconography, mythology, psychology and philosophy. But most of all he relies on his own subconscious and intuition which has proven manytimes to have a logic and curious indepence of its own. "

Mikel Glass

My work is often characterized by a tension between subconscious concepts and deliberate execution.
For me, painting is a vehicle with which to explore the psyche. Chance and free association are ready doors to explore one’s condition. I feel akin to the Dadaists and Surrealists in their fear of the tyranny of the obvious and the conscious.
As a consequence, I divide into two personalities when working. First is the Zen artist who comes up with the ideas in an intuitive realm. The second is the craftsman who must actually execute those images in paint. As an artist, I feel kinship with the Freudian inspired artists that modernism has unleashed. As a craftsman, I admire Rubens and Rembrandt as the ultimate executors of painting as a craft.
The greatest peril in my process is when I come up with an idea that swims in my head. . . only to realize that it may not be appreciated by others in the physical realm.
The greatest triumph in my process is when I am able to pluck a flapping image down from the clouds of the subconscious and set it firmly in paint where it is then appreciated by others.
Either way art, at its best, provides fodder for thought. It is my hope that my work acts as a catalyst for this process.

Mikel Glass


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