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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Shinji Himeno

Shinji Himeno

Born 1966 in Tokushima, Japan. Shinji Himeno studied from 1991 to 1993 at the Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst in Leipzig. 1993 to 1997 at the Akademie der bildenden Künste in Wien by Arik Brauer. Shinji Himeno lives and works in Berlin since 1997.

Miguel Avataneo

Avataneo is one of the brightest talents in Argentina's art world. He is a painter of images that combine a love of classicism with the South American tradition of magical realism.

Argentine artist, Miguel Avataneo, was born in 1962 in San Cristóbal, Argentina. In 1988 he graduated from La Escuela de Artes de la Universidad Nacional de Córdoba.

Avataneo is one of the brightest talents in Argentina’s art world. He is a painter of images that combine a love of classicism with the South American tradition of magical realism. His images are rooted in the real world of European classicism but are infused with a naturally fantastical element. Exquisitely drawn figures are placed in dreamlike environments.

Avataneo’s imagery is sensual and evocative and employs a luxurious use of color and detail that give his canvases a luminous quality that is mesmerizing.

His art has been admired and sought after by collectors throughout Latin America, United States and Europe.

Liu Yuanshou

"Born in Beijing in 1967, Liu earned a degree in oil painting from the Capital Normal University of Beijing in 1991 and has exhibited in and won awards in many prestigious exhibitions throughout Asia, including China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Japan.

In "Silkworm," a raven-haired woman, delicately swathed in a loose, ivory-colored silk garment and a long, brilliant vermilion swag, closes her eyes toward an unseen light , one arm draped over what appears to be an old stone pillar, the other clutching her exposed knee. She, in fact, resembles a precious silkworm encased in its soft cocoon, retreating from the harshness of the outside world. A dark
sultriness permeates the scene, with its muted backdrop of bare, brushed wall that graduates from black to dripping red, suggesting that the young woman has been engaged in at least mental reverie and is now dreamily spent after what the French lyrically refer to as le petit morte or "little death," that also refers to a spiritual release or a short period of transcendence.

While Liu Yuanshou hails from the austere north of China, he has become fascinated by the seductively temperate cultural and physical climate of the eastern coastal province of Jiangsu, which lies east of Anhui and north of Shanghai. Silkworm culture is and always has been an important part of Jiangsu's history, as is the production of silk textiles. Perhaps because of this, silk is especially evident in
Liu's art, which primarily focuses on portraits of young women from the Jiangsu region. The artist is known for dressing his sultry subjects in Shanghai period or modern-day regional attire, as well as for integrating well-researched architectural elements and interiors from Jiangsu's urban and rural areas.
According to Liu Yuanshou, by joining these two elements, he achieves "an ancient look of bygone nostalgia," one that conveys a sense of the profound beauty and historical longevity of China's cultural past, which he fears is being lost in today's frenetic technologically-oriented society."


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