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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Benedetto Fellin

The artist was born in 1956 in Merano, South Tyrol and studied at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts under Prof. Rudolf Hausner. He received public awards, including the Hausner Prize 1978, the Friends Academy in 1983 and the price Théoden Grain Price 1984.
Asia, Africa and Central American regions influenced the themes of his paintings. His work as been showed, among others in Vienna, Innsbruck, Kiel, Munich, Tokyo, Bangkok and Mexico . Works of Benedetto Fellin are in the Austrian Gallery Belvedere Palace, Museum Innsbruck Ferdinand, Reinhold Messner Schloss Juvual.

The Art of Benedetto Fellin is a special form of figurative painting. The viewer encounters seemingly fantastic worlds in which most of the specificities of real people, cultures and landscapes are in significant relationships. The artist lives and works in Vienna and Hungary.

Isabelle Planté

Isabelle Planté

Isabelle Planté was born in 1949 at PAU (FRANCE). From her earliest childhood she was drawn to painting and drawing, and won a poster competition at the age of fifteen. This decided her to make publicity her career.

At the age of seventeen, she entered ArtSchool, then continued her studies at the Ecole des arts Décoratifs in Paris.

For ten years she worked in creative publicity, and at the same time painted numerous pictures.

In 1974 she held her first exhibition in TAHITI.

Wessi - Wessi Benderlieva Karlhofer

WESSI was born 1971 in Sofia, 1986-1991 Sofia Fine Art Scool , 1991-1996 Vienna Academy of fine Art painting and graphic & conservation and restoration also guest at the National Academy of art and design, NY. WESSI works and lives in Vienna.

"The Tower of Babel turned out to be the central point of my paintings at the time I moved to Vienna. The world became place in the labyrinths of the Tower and all stories could gather behind the walls- my own story was part of it, I wore the Babylonian tower as a snail shell alround me, keeping all the creatures near me and being at home wherever I went.


Şahin Karakoç

Şahin Karakoç (born on 15 August 1955, Adapazarı), is one of the most prominent illustrators in Turkey and he is a founding member of Turkey Illustrator Association


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