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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Louise Camille Fenne

Louise Camille Fenne

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Louise Camille Fenne was born in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1972. Louise studied drawing in Aix-en-Provence, France and at the Glyptothek, Copenhagen, before enrolling at The Florence Academy of Art in 1995. She was intrigued by the possibility of studying traditional painting and drawing techniques. There she studied cast and figure drawing until 1997 when she moved to Amsterdam, Holland, and later Lucca, Italy, with painter, Charles Weed, from whom she learnt the basic painting techniques necessary for exploring this medium further on her own. Since 1999 she has shared a studio with Weed in Svendborg, Denmark. She paints mainly portraits, still lifes and interiors.

Recent Exhibitions Include: "Masters of the Florence Academy of Art" in 2006 ,and in 2008,"Duet", a two person show , both at Eleanor Ettinger Gallery ,NY. The "Second Annual Alumni Exhibition " in Florence ,in 2006 ,as well as a three person show at Ann Long Fine Art, SC , in 2007.

Group exhibitions include: 2003 “Realism Revisited”, Panorama Museum, Germany, traveling to Hirschl and Adler Galleries, N.Y., Century Gallery, Alexandria, Virginia, Andreeva Portrait Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico, in 2004, “In the Spirit of the Tradition, Masters of The Florence Academy of Art”, Eleanor Ettinger Gallery, New York and in 2005, “The Florence Academy of Art First Annual Alumni Exhibition“, Stables of the Corsini Palace, Florence, Italy.

Karen Holländer

Born 1964 in Tübingen. Studied graphic arts in Paris and Vienna. Freelance painter, writer and illustrator. She lives with her family in Vienna. She has won numerous prizes as an illustrator, among them the prize for Austria’s most beautiful book, though her success as a painter is leaving less and less time for her illustration work. As an author, too, she knows how to delight children and adults alike with her endearingly offbeat ideas.

Jansson Stegner

Jansson Stegner (born 1972) is an artist based in New York.

Stegner was born in Denver. He is a figurative painter whose works reference his interest in artists such as Zurbarán, El Greco and Goya and often feature severely exaggerated depictions of his subjects’ limbs. A common subject is uniformed police officers Jansson Stegner’s canvases contrive a humorous blend of romanticised beauty and pop culture dumbness.

In paintings such as Sarabande and Grey Sky, Stegner adopts the pastoral hues and elegant compositions of historical painting to portray images of contemporary longing. Borrowing from the vernacular of TV heroicism, Stegner’s paintings of cops transpose the glamorised bravado, violence, and machoism of programmes such as COPS into a quirky fetishism, as his nubile girl-as-boy police officers languish in idyllic settings, rendered like cherubic pin-ups for sensual indulgence.

Through his use of cartoon-ish exaggeration, Stegner’s figures become both surreal and idealised: all gangly limbs and gesticular expressions their vulnerability is countered by their moral ambivalence.

Throughout Stegner’s paintings is a sense of punk-ish aggression, where the authority is questioned, subverted, and manipulated both through his subject matter and ‘slack’ style of painting, which contrive a taboo intimacy from generic emblems of power.



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