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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Zhang Jie

Zhang Jie

''Elementary facts, such as shape, colour and medium, are powerful and explain so much. Figures which are true to life tell much more than a thousand words, although in fact they can’t say a word. Colours are voiced and always floating like music, continually emerging in front of your eyes and murmuring to your ears, far more than what you get at the first glance.

The subjects in my paintings are blue, sensitive, timid, narcissistic, skeptical and lonely, but full of desire. They resist the encroaching civilization outside, entirely enjoy and comfort themselves.

I’d like to leave some things for my viewers’ imagination. The figures in my paintings have external expressions, but there is also a mysterious undertone to them.''

Zhang Jie

''Zhang Jie was born in 1980 in Chonqing, in South-Western China.

In 1999, Zhang Jie was accepted at one of China's top three art academies, the Sichuan Academy of Fine Art. With so many students applying to the Sichuan Academy annually and only a very limited number of seats available, the rate of acceptance of applicants at the academy is very low; in fact, the chances of being accepted are less than applicants to Harvard University. Zhang Jie completed her undergraduate degree in four years.

In 2003, Zhang Jie was one of the elite students from the Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts to be accepted to participate in the academy's rigorous Master's Degree program. Only a select few students every year are awarded a place to study in the top academy's ranks, and they are tutored by some of China's most well-etablished contemporary artists-professors.

In 2005, Zhang Jie was selected as one of the top 20 emerging Chinese artists at the Chinese Art Prize (CAP), previously the Dragonair Emerging Chinese Artist Awards (DECAA). Important international art critics, including Gerard Goodrow (Director of the globally famos Art Cologne), Jeff Kelley (Curator of the Asian Art Museum in California), Isabelle de Wavrin (Co-founder and Co-editor-in-Chief of Beaux Arts Magazine, France's most famous art publication), Dr Marion Ackermann (Director of the Art Museum of Stuttgart, Germany), and Li Lei (Executive Director of the Shanghai Art Museum), amoung others. The Chinese Art Prize launched Zhang Jie's career, and allowed her to gain much more exposure.

In 2006, Zhang Jie's first solo exhibition at Art Scene China in Shanghai was met with tremendous success. Her work has since been exhibited at shows in Shanghai and Beijing as well as in Europe and the USA (Miami, New York and Washington, D.C.).

Zhang Jie's paintings are now well-recognised within China and internationally. She is certainly one of China's top young artist talents. Her paintings are ever-evolving as the artist challenges herself and matures.

Yves Thos

Yves Thoshere and here

Designer, painter, graphic designer and illustrator

Yves THOS explore une veine de l'art contemporain, son réalisme n'est qu'une apparence. Il ouvre des portes d'or et de marbre sur un monde symbolique ou rien n'est figuré, mais suggère par une tension voulue aussi bien, dans la facture que dans les sujets. Virtuose de la lumière, sa gamme chromatique focalise sur l'essentiel. L'invention de THOS est celle d'un conteur du silence, d'un peintre grand et sans équivoque.

Jean-Pierre Juge

Né en 1935 dans la région parisienne, Yves Thos entre à l'Ecole des Arts Graphiques à l'âge de 16 ans et réalise ses premières affiches de cinéma à 19 ans. Chef de file d'une école d'affichistes, il est l'auteur de chefs d'œuvre aujourd'hui inscrits au patrimoine mondial du cinéma.
La réalisation de ses toiles à partir de 1980 constitue une nouvelle génération picturale qui découle naturellement de l'affiche et de l'art contemporain figuratif.
Yves Thos peint essentiellement des personnages. 
Africaine ou Asiatique , paysanne ou danseuse, familière ou inconnue, la femme reste son modèle privilégié.

Grand magicien des couleurs vives et de la lumière, il aime les contrastes, la dualité, la graduation de la pénombre à la surexposition.
Ses tableaux, à la frontière du rêve et de la contemplation sont une invitation à méditer.
En 40 ans de création, Yves Thos s'est imposé comme un artiste international exemplaire et nombre de ses œuvres font partie de collections privées internationales.


Boris Ivanov - Борис Иванов

Boris Ivanov - Борис Иванов

''A small part of a vast series of works, which reflect the uncomplicated joy of the inhabitants "of the planet fat, wholly invented by the author.''

Born in 1957 in Dnepropetrovsk.
Graduated M.H.U.
Since 1994, member of the International Federation of Artists.

William Shepherd

William Shepherd

William F. Shepherd was born (1943) and raised in Casper, Wyoming. After graduating from the University of Wyoming in 1976, he stayed in Laramie for a few years, then moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico, preferring to remain in the West rather than settle in a major city. His career as a professional artist began while he was still in college, when he began selling his landscape paintings through a gallery in Denver, Colorado.

Shepherd's early landscapes were vistas of Wyoming. Over time, his work evolved into large-format paintings of tumbled stones and streambeds. After several decades of landscape painting he decided he needed a change and began painting still lifes. As a young man, he had been fascinated by the Indian regalia and Western accoutrements he saw in the homes of his ranch friends, and these became natural subject matters for his new focus.

Shepherd's paintings are in collections throughout the United States, Europe, and Japan. He was recently invited to participate in the exhibition Out West: The Great American Landscape, which traveled to the National Art Museum of China in Beijing and the Shanghai Museum. His works have hung in the residence of U.S. Ambassador Mark Grossman in Ankara, Turkey; the residence of U.S. Ambassador Michael Sullivan in Dublin, Ireland; and the residence of U.S. Ambassador Keith Lapham Brown in Copenhagen, Denmark. Shepherd's paintings also hang in the collections of Mr. and Mrs. Leo Gans, Mr. and Mrs. William Jans, Robert Redford, Gerald Peters, and in various other notable collections.

His paintings have been shown in numerous museum shows, including those of the Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art, Indianapolis, the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art, Iowa; the Arnot Art Museum, Elmira, New York; the Rockwell Museum, Corning, New York; and the Museum of Fine Arts, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

William Shepherd is represented by Astoria Fine Art, Jackson, Wyoming.



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