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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Matthijs Röling

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Painter and teacher Matthijs Röling received the prize for his entire painted oeuvre. The jury was particularly impressed by the fact that his teaching at the Academie Minerva in Groningen has been no less inspirational to large numbers of younger artists than his painting. In 1983 Matthijs Röling began working on large-scale decorative projects, such as monumental canvases and wall and ceiling paintings. In recent years these projects have come to occupy an increasingly important place within Röling's highly diverse oeuvre. His manner has been compared to that of the Old Masters, and the illusionistic scenes he paints on walls and ceilings are reminiscent of frescoes. Notwithstanding these parallels with the past, Röling's work is distinguished by his independence, integrity and craftsmanship.

Matthijs Röling was born in the village of Oostkapelle in the Dutch province of Zealand in 1943. In 1960 he began his training at the Koninklijke Academie in The Hague. In 1963 he transferred to the Rijksacademie in Amsterdam, from which he was expelled a year later. Since 1973 Matthijs Röling has taught at the Academie Minerva in Groningen. In 1962 Röling began exhibiting his work regularly in museums and galleries throughout the Netherlands. Galleries which have shown his work include M.L. de Boer and Galerie Mokum in Amsterdam as well as Galerie Wiek XX in Groningen.


Tatyana Deriy - Дерий Татьяна

Tatyana Deriy - Дерий Татьяна

Esthetic Realism of Tatiana Deriy

Tatiana Deriy is a dynamically growing painter, whose major creative goal is comprehension of unity of the world's esthetic beauty and its profound meaning as well as rendering them to viewers through painting.

The painter's biography is unusual and expressive and so is her creative work. Born in a wonderful part of Moscow region, not far from ''Archangelskoye'' estate full of creations of famous architects and sculptors, refinement of palace parks and canvases by Veroneze and Tintoretto, at an early age she developed special world outlook which later on defined the tenor of her work, based on the sense of harmony and beauty.
Comprehending the secrets of mastery of great painters of the past became her primary objective.

In 1985 she entered Moscow Art College (now Moscow Academic Lyceum named after Tomsky) a hors concurs, graduated from it, which enabled her to continue education in Moscow State Academic Institute named after V.Surikov. In 1999 Tatiana got a diploma and a title of a painter.

Paying great attention to portraits, her creative activity includes a notion ''an interior painting''. Developed from the images of landscapes, still-lives and portraits, it combines their main features. One can find well through out colouring, visual sensation of space and keen administration of objects here.

This is true of her works ''Misty Recvergershire" and ''A Wonderful Dream''. Animal figures, present in almost every of her works help to transfer the mood and completeness of feelings of the image.

''An interior in an interior'' is like a window, like an addition to sensation, introduction of new sound and impression to everyday life. The painting expands space becoming a natural part of the room.

The painter pays a great attention to composition. There are no casual objects in her works. Accuracy of lines, refined colouring delicate treatment of form, colour and perceptible nuances fill every of the painter\'s work.

The portrait group ''Cats'' is interesting and expressive. Bright individuality and beauty of each girl, piercing look, elegancy of attitude impress and leave nobody indifferent.

Turning to the theme of childhood the painter discovers in herself and in every viewer inner images of a child, of primitive joy of being. Children's images are unusually sincere and lyrical. They impel the viewer to come back and to feel his own ''bedtime song'' of the heart.

Tatiana Deriy's paintings are both traditional and innovatory. They present a new outlook of the world through classical interpretation of form, mastery possession of art technique. They are full degree sensation of life with all its hues from deep dark to sparkling golden. They are a light positive ray in our confused time...

Tatyana Deriy

Was born in 1973 near Moscow.
1991 - Graduated Moscow College attached to Russian Academy of Art
1999 - graduated Surikov Art Institute
1995 - Member of International Federation of Artists (UNESCO)
2001 - Member of Moscow Union of Artists


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