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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Nathan Florence

Swarthmore College, Swarthmore, PA
International School of Art, Todi, ITALY

Mary Harman

The holographic object is an entity, a volume of light that occupies space. It is fragile and fleeting, transparent, weightless. Challenging an old rule of physics, it can and does occupy the same space as another object. Furthermore, it embodies both the physical reality of the original and its altered, transcendent state. The hologram is, in effect, simultaneously the real and the abstract, both the body and the soul.

The philosophy behind all my art seems to be that of a quest to make some sense of the world I live in. That involves filtering information, truth from lie, reality from illusion. Through my objects and in my paintings, I create a language to describe the nature of the world around me. It is not merely the rational and the material; it encompasses the illogical, the primitive, and the magical.

Born Mary Christine Cleemput in rural Northwest Ohio, 1944. Father a Flemish artist from Ghent who immigrated to the US. Trained as a registered nurse in Lima Ohio; worked in Ohio, Washington DC, New York. Immigrated to Canada in 1969. Lived in Toronto, Newfoundland, Vancouver; now in Quebec with a studio in the Eastern Townships just above the Vermont border.

Martin Leman

Martin Leman has many books of his cat paintings published. His first book 'Comic & Curious Cats', with text by Angela Carter, was published in 1979. After a career in design and teaching - mainly at Hornsey College of Art - he became a full time painter. With over twenty books published, and many one man shows, Martin's work has been exhibited worldwide. He regularly shows in the RA Summer Exhibition, and at The Mall Galleries. He became a member of The Royal Society of British Artists in 2007.

Zenin Ksenia V. - Zenin Xenia - Зенина Ксения Викторовна

Zenin Ksenia V. - Zenin Xenia

Зенина Ксения Викторовна

''Born May 8, 1978. I live in the city of Korolev, Moscow Region.
Studied 3 years at an art institute in Culture. In 1998 entered the Moscow State Regional University, Faculty of Education, art and graphics department.
At the same time engaged in a workshop teacher Abramtsevo College Velichko AV, which I think his main teacher.
I'm working on a specialty, teach children to draw, and perhaps they are me.
Since 2003 he collaborated with several galleries, exhibited in CHA and abroad.
Since 2006, took up illustration of children's books.
I try to make the plot interesting for adults and children, fill it with meaning and humor to the work left a good and positive feeling from the viewer''

Osiris Rain

Osiris Rain (b-1986) studied extensively in Florence, Italy at the Angel Academy of Art under Michael John Angel, and later with Odd Nerdrum in Stavern, Norway.In addition he has spent time with John Seibels Walker, Steven Assael, and Jacob Collins. He has studied and copied paintings at the Uffizi Gallery, Florence, Italy, The Louvre, Paris, and the Metropolitan in NYC amongst others. He has had multiple group and solo exhibitions in North Carolina, Canada, Italy, Germany, France, England, and Norway including the Mint Museum of Art in Charlotte,NC. Collected internationally, His works hang in numerous private and public collections in North
America, Europe, Iceland, and Australia. He is also the founder and instructor of L'ecole de l'Oeil Ouvert in Charlotte, NC. Rain works exclusively from the live model, grinds his own pigments, and creates his own ground in the classical method. He has been working this way since he was sixteen.


2007- Master Class with Steven Assael, The Art Students League of New York
2005- Apprentice to Odd Nerdrum, Stavern, Norway
2004- Independent Museum Study, Florence, Italy; Rome, Italy; Paris France
2003-04- Apprenticeship to Zecchi Belle Arte Fresco Program
2003-04- Angel Academy of Art, Florence, Italy
2002- Northwest School of the Arts, Charlotte, NC

Giuseppe Mariotti

Giuseppe Mariotti

“ I love both classical as well as modern painting and I enjoy expressing myself using the instruments as well as the language of both these art forms; in this way each time I manage to espress various aspects of my personality and inner world.

''I was born in Todi (Italy). I completed my secondary school education in classical studies, and then earned a degree in Architecture at the School of Architecture of Rome University (Italy).
I have never attended an art school, so I am self-taught. As a child I began to draw and experiment with color.
While in high school art history appealed to me more than Latin or Greek. I was fascinated by the Italian Renaissance and the great artists of that period, as well as by the Flemish masters.
I was struck by the emotional balance and rigorous composition of Piero della Francesca, the plasticity and drama of Caravaggio and Rembrandt, as well as the poetry and delicacy of Vermeer.
Modern painting, on the other hand, fascinates me for its freedom of language as well as its capacity for continual innovation.
During my university years, my scientific background contributed to the maturation of the two innate aspects of my personality: the imaginative and the rational.
Following my degree, in addition to working in my profession, I have also dedicated much time to other artistic expressions.
I have drawn comic strips and done book illustrations, as well as graphic art, and I have become deeply interested in digital art.

My artwork has received various prizes and awards, both in Italy and internationally.

Since the moment I recently discovered painting this has become a consuming interest for me. I do mostly oil paintings, and the themes I portray are very diverse: I enjoy representing reality, but also adventuring into the dimensions of the imagination and of the surreal, as well as sounding the depths of Man's feelings and inner life.

As for digital artwork, I am fascinated by this art form and its possibilities and I am continually searching for and experimenting with new techniques. I realize both two-dimensional images, as well as three-dimensional and photorealistic images.

I feel that the common thread which runs through my images - although they differ very much one from another - is a positive vision of life, a sense of confidence in human capacities, a desire to dream, a wish to sound inner feelings, and a love of nature.

The main subject of the present series of paintings is the human figure (male as well as female), a being always on the move, perenially searching, reflecting and investigating, questioning both the universe outside as well as that within himself, artefice of his own destiny.
I prefer to work applying thin layers of color, superimposing one over the other until the desired effect is reached.

I live with my wife, Diane, my two children, Deborah and Tommy, our dog, Odie, and four cats.''


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