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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Eduard Zentshik - Зеньчик Эдуард

Again, an exhibition of painting by Edward Zenchika - one of the most famous contemporary artists of Estonia. Will be presented in the style of surrealism. This personal display artist called "Antiquity", despite the fact that all the paintings for this show were written more recently, in 2007-2008, and, according to the author, carries the reflection of this.

- But not all so simple ... In the last canvases removes the notion of time. They are like a bridge between ancient civilizations and the future - explains Edward. - So immersed in the creation of another reality that sometimes you know, this is a new world in which life is transparent and clear, and that other world is no more. This is an exciting illusion woven from dreams. It is so bright and unrealistic that completely absorbs and carries an eternal journey, full of surprises. On canvas, objects become space, lines are transformed into light and light up the matter of painting, from which it becomes weightless, unnatural. Objects and images emerge from the ancient times and permeate a future. But, having appeared for a moment, they never could break through a veil of mist. Everyone wants to duplicate the image to say something, to open the eternal mystery. And you hear his tune, regardless of the woven patterns of gold, like the serpentine thoughts ... I am madly in love painting and brush strokes weave this love of painting pictures. Then she begins to breathe and speak in all languages. And sometimes you can hear the whisper of color, and are acquainted with the sky. And every moment is fraught with surprises, and someone sings a song to an unfamiliar melody:

Zenchik assures us that this artist should overtake the time, experiencing the tragedy of the present. And then time itself will put everything in its place. After all, it is eternal ...

Edward Zenchik was born and lives in Sillamae. With 17 years of an individual engaged in painting and graphics from artist Igor Lukyanov. In 1999 he entered the Tallinn Art Academy, from which he graduated in 2003. Although he is only a little over thirty, he had already a lot.
Zenchik - a member of the Union of Russian Artists in Estonia, a group of artists Sillamae "April", the Association of Narva artists.

Also, Eduard - Photographers' Union member Estonia. Since 2000, he began to seriously pursue the genre and artistic photography. Some photographic Zenchika published in prominent journals, have been prizewinners in competitions and participated in exhibitions at various levels. His work - it is not just pictures, they are real masterpieces of photographic art. They are alive. From some of the sea breeze blows, just past the freshness of rain, they are saturated with coolness of the morning. From other scorching midday summer heat. There fotosyuzhety, wrapped in the evening haze. All of them understood, and at the same time mysterious. In them - the amazing beauty, the unity of man and nature, the absolute harmony of heaven and earth, air and water. They combine time and space.

Fotoproizvedeniya Edward are not the pictures in the "pure" (they are processed using computer programs), but that even a win. These remarkably successfully combined Art and painting. "I - more artist than a photographer - he said. - I have enough common features a camera, a picture I'm trying to do now, I'm more interesting. After all, the artist is always and in all bring something of their own wants. But why not do it, using modern computer technology? That and get my photo pictures. Maybe someone will think: but what is difficult? And indeed, today almost everyone has a camera and computer, many can boast of thousands of interesting photos and skills in Photoshop. But that picture was a work of art is not enough to make a quality picture with a curious story, and then the "flavor" of its special effects, yet, I think it requires artistic vision, experience, appropriate education. "

Over the shoulders of Edward Zenchika - 23 solo exhibitions and participated in 60 joint exhibitions of national and international importance.

His paintings are in private collections not only here in Estonia, but in America, England, Dog Show, Italy, France, Russia, Finland, Latvia. Four paintings by Edward Zenchika included in the collection of the Art Gallery of Narva Museum, two paintings purchased Sillamäe Museum of Art fund of the city.

In addition, the young man understands the science of consciousness, is revealed as a highly spiritual person. Its versatility is reflected in the works: "I always write in different styles, I am constantly interested in everything new, I do not want to dwell on one thing, on one canvas can provide an abstraction, realism and even some direction, I am interested in the synthesis so I want to write in all styles and try to unite them. "

And all this despite the fact that in childhood and adolescence Edward was seriously engaged in swimming, filed a lot of hope in this sport, but at one point picked up and plunged into the depths of art. "It's fate, which is everyone is turning on my road of life, it all happened completely naturally," - he believes.

"It's great that a team of artists is Sillamäe Edward Zenchik. He flies forward like a locomotive at full steam, the work just pours out of him ... I am astonished that his untiring movement and endless creative quests "- speaks to director Edward Sillamäe Museum Aala Gitt.

By Natalia Kolobova

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