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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

James Tormey

"In my work I offer paintings of simple, natural objects in sharp detail. All the paintings are executed in oils on fine canvas. They are painted in a 'larger than life' scale. This presentation arrests the viewer's attention, and in doing so takes his or her level of awareness to a higher level. In this state of increased sensitivity, there is a keen appreciation of the natural world and the beauty to be found therein."

James Tormey was born in Brooklyn in 1938. As a young man, he moved to Manhattan where he has lived and worked for more than 35 years. He was associated with GALLERY MADISON/90 for over 25 years and had 11 one-man shows with the gallery before it closed in 1993. His paintings have been shown in Europe and Japan and are presently seen in numerous public and private collections as well as six galleries around the country.

Tormey’s work combines traditional subject matter with a contemporary interpretation that results in startling images of heroic proportions. Light, both reflected and transmitted, is an important element, which lends the natural objects the artist chooses as subjects, a quality of cosmic truth.

In the heightened state of awareness that is evoked in the viewer, he or she may become attuned to both the inner and outer world, which they inhabit. Form and light dominate these paintings…Clarity of vision and delight in the universe is the goal.

Tormey also specializes in painting special commissions, and takes pains to provide unique artworks tailored to the client's taste. Please Contact Us if you would like to discuss commissioning a special painting.

BORN: 1938, New York, NY

Pratt Institute, and Pratt Graphics Center, NY, NY
Columbia University, N.Y., Art Students' League, NY, NY


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