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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Liz McKay

Liz McKay

''Born in Tasmania 1974, Liz spent many years in Hobart before moving to Perth, London and Sydney. After receiving an honours degree in design in Western Australia, she also studied tradition & 3d animation, film and scriptwriting.

She was granted a government grant for a stereoscopic 3d animation, which was screened at Lumiere cinema in Perth and placed 2nd in the Australia-wide competition for "Loud" with a stop-motion plasticine animation.

Liz has been drawing and painting nearly all her life, but has only in the last two years started to exhibit her work. With an overwhelming response to her initial shows, she is now exhibiting in galleries in most major cities in Australia and New York, USA.

Her work has received international acclaim, and has been published in Home Magazine in Germany, and several publications in print and online in Australia and New York. Liz McKay's paintings are in collections worldwide.''

''...McKays paintings capture the essence of smoky bars with sultry jazz singers, romantic couples and cosmopolitan European cafes, with a hint of the innocence of childhood memories at the core of her works featuring deer and giraffes.

With sensually curved figures and intimate surroundings McKays works dreamily channel the languid world of the 1920’s. Curves and textures are overlaid with compelling explorations of mood and human interaction. Intensely expressive in colour and form, her paintings are a quiet emotional universe of love and friendship.''

''Liz Mckay's latest paintings take you away on a magical journey of childhood. A world where children and bears are friends and girls and giraffes in a boat glide on moonlit waters on a starry night. It is about the magical twilight hours of our imagination and the wonderful world we all dream of in our childhood ''

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