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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Nicola Verlato

Born in Verona, Italy in 1965. Lives and works in brooklyn New York

''Nicola Verlato attempts to realize the “unreal” in his use of mythical references. Utilizing witches to explore the depths of sexuality, mysticism and power, the paintings are composed as conceptual cinematic storyboards and tell a story from multiple points of view. Invoking, at times, sexually explicit subject matter, the artist, who looks to a wide range of popular culture sources for visual inspiration including high-tech “first-person shooter” video gaming, renders a seemingly post-
apocalyptic view of American society.''

''Nicola Verlato has exhibited in galleries and museums around the world with exhibitions at Byblos Art Gallery, Verona, Italy, 2nd Prague Biennal, Prague, Czech Republic, White Columns, New York, Hof & Huyser Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands, British Institute, Rome, Italy, Contemporary Art Museum, Monfalcone, Italy, Tirana Biennal,Tirana, Albania, Contemporary Art Pavillion, Milan, Italy.''

1985-1990 IUAV (Institute of Architecture, Venice), Venezia, Italy
1980-1984 Conservatorio, (Lute and Composition), Verona, Italy

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