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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

"I was born in 1983 in Tehran, as the youngest child of my parents. I have two sisters. Although I have been painting since childhood; my real passion for painting came to life when I was 18. After two years of trying hard and not reaching the minimum I expected, my father introduced me to Mr. Aydin Aghdashloo. This was one of the highlights of my life: having the chance to know one of the masters of painting and illustration of Iran. In those years I tried to make the most of his knowledge and mastery; not only how to paint but also how to look at art; and how to express my ideas through the language of colors. I have also had the opportunity to have Mr. Behnam Kamrani, one of the best contemporary artists of Iran, as my mentor. His guidance and support helped me to know myself better and to create a language of my own. He taught me how to see through my soul and how to paint from inside.

"The blossoms of pain inside my heart and the sorrow of being so helpless and hopeless during that time are shown in my works in a group of paintings {I call] 'metamorphosis.' The surrealistic atmosphere which surrounds these figures is due to my unreal perception of the world because of my confusion at that time.

"These figures are fading and tearing apart. The look of sorrow and passivity in their faces implies an acceptance of their fate. They don’t belong to any time or any place and still they’re so familiar. The mixture of "Surrealism," "Expressionism," and figurative styles in these paintings is not something conscious; however, these paintings still have the accent on contemporary art. I believe that "post-modernism" in spite of its imperfections is the best way to express the feelings and emotions of today's human beings."

Nikoo Haji Tarkhani

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