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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Timothy C. Tyler - TIM TYLER

Timothy C. Tyler

''A certain sense of light…”

Since Tim was fourteen years old, he has striven to create paintings that capture a moment of beauty. His sensitivity to color, craftsmanship & “a certain sense of light” has resulted in paintings critics and collectors have delighted in for almost thirty years.

Learn by doing

Tim grew up in Oklahoma and Arizona. While in Oklahoma he would frequent the Cowboy Hall of Fame NAWA show and Art galleries in surrounding Oklahoma City. He was invited to show in an art gallery at age 16. He went to Santa Fe and met with Clark Hulings at his home and exchanged letters with a generous Wilson Hurley. He went to Scottsdale and talked to Bettina Steinke at the Scottsdale Artists School. While in AZ he would stray over to the galleries of Scottsdale where he began showing at age 18. He consigned work at Trailsides Gallery at age 21.''


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