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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Gabriel Bonmati

Gabriel Bonmati

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The artwork of Gabriel Bonmati is a mixture of choice ingredients inspired by his travels around the world. It all started in Morocco in 1928, when he was born into a French/Spanish household. He began his studies in French which eventually lead him to the Paris School of Fine Arts. From 1952-1965 he taught at a girls' high school in Casablanca. At that time, he was also painting and began to exhibit his work in 1965. The same year he was appointed head of the Educational Documentation Center at the Nice Academy by the French ministry of Education. Although he had a successful career, he continued to paint and exhibit in Menton, Monte Carlo and Nice.

Like much of the world, he attended Expo '67 in Montreal and fell in love with the Quebec Landscape. He exhibited some of his work in Montreal and then worked his way to the United States. Meanwhile in France, curators were exhibiting his paintings with the likes of Salvador Dali and Marc Chagall. He holds his own next to these masters with his unique color palette and his ability to understand and recreate the world around him.

Growing up in Morocco, educated in France, and inspired by Quebec, Gabriel Bonmati dismisses noting he was exposed to. His romantic paintings are an accumulation of his travels and experiences. He often paints women of nobility that are adorned with bejeweled headdresses in a middle-eastern décor, seemingly set in the mountains of Charlevoix. Every so often, he incorporates symbolic royal elements like kings and horses into his pieces. Most striking are his delicate female figures that seem to invite the viewer into the Bonmati world. In this imaginary world, they are the queens and we are their subordinates.

Gabriel Bonmati deceaded in Laval in July 2005

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