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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Jacek Yerka

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Jacek Yerka famous Polish painter of fantasy world and landscapes

Born in Poland in 1952, Jacek Yerka studied fine art and graphics prior to becoming a full-time artist in 1980. While at university, Yerka resisted the constant pressures of his instructors to adopt the less detailed, less realistic techniques that characterize so much of contemporary art. Instead, he stubbornly continued to work in the classic, meticulous Flemish style he still favors to this day. In the end, it was his teachers who eventually relented, finally recognizing their determined student as a brilliant (although troubling) talent.
His paintings are acrylic on canvas and carefully rendered, using images from his childhood, including his grandmother's kitchen. He also includes odd beasts and whimsical landscapes. He comments, "For me, the 1950s were a kind of Golden Age ... If I were, for instance, to paint a computer, it would definitely have a pre-war aesthetic to it."
Yerka's work has been exhibited in Poland, Germany, Monaco, France, and the United States. His works are also in Polish art museums.

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