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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Joop Frohwein

Already in his early childhood it was clear that Joop Frohwein (The Hague, 1952) had the strong urge to liberty for self expression. But unfortunately he was not able to fulfil this need earlier then in the eighties of last century, mainly because of the fact that he was raised in a business family, in which there was no place for art as a living.

When he finished his education on Art Academy he moved from his roots town, the governmental city of The Hague to the more quiet country side and beach shores of the South of The Netherlands. By doing so he was able to take some distance from family obligations and expectations. And in this quietness of the sweat seashore and beaches he felt for the first time in his life the inner piece to paint. It was the beginning of his passionate artistic career. Later on his need for a romantic lifestyle overcame definitely the secure path of family tradition. He moved from the Dutch seaside to the even more quiet and beautiful Mediterranean landscape, nowadays he lives and works in the sunshiny Turkish coastal region.

When we know the story of his life journey, the paintings of Joop Frohwein become more easy to understand. His youth is one of the keys to his works, combined with his desire for comfort, quietness and happiness. He gives birth to peaceful and harmonious images. In fact these images reflect the painters wishes for his real life. And so he transforms his own life experiences into a kind of magic realistic atmosphere in which we find all kind of nice and quiet things. Things Frohwein not only longs for himself, but together with him so many of us, in order to find an escape from our busy and hasty modern life. In his paintings we find personifications, mostly female, of acquiescence and modesty. In other paintings we see nice architectonic villas or swimming-pools, true oases of tranquillity and comfort. Its easy to understand the paintings of Frohwein have found their way to all parts of the world, because the need for quietness is strongly growing all over the globe. Who doesn’t want to welcome such great peace, while sitting on a comfortable couch in his living-room, without the necessity of even leaving the house?

Sander Kletter

Galerie Beeldkracht, 2006

There is a magnitude of realms that clarify an artist from a painter. Born in the Hague, 1952, a former ceramist/ceramics teacher. Joop Frohwein has conquered the artistry realms with paintings that combine reality with surreality inviting an onlooker to relish each canvas with individual awe and delight. His ability to invoke an inner calmness with a fantastic heavenly tinge that offer you an insight into a world that dreams are made of. A complex simplicity full of hope and inspiration - his artistry is overwhelmingly magical.

Currently residing in Turkey with memories of a life less than ordinary, a need to discover pastures new and maintain an equilibrium in a world that is full of undiscovered adventure.

His paintings are no mere utilization of wall space for they fill an empty place in everyone's heart.

Julie Parry London

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