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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Jos van Riswick

Jos van Riswick

* Masters deg. physics, University of Nijmegenitalic;
* Phd student Electrical engineering, Eindhoven University of Technology
* Preparatory year Arnhem Academy of Arts (artez)

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The passion for painting developed in Jos van Riswick quite late in his life. Jos graduated as a phisicist and worked at the university for a number of years. Science however turned out not to be his true calling and he decided to make the switch from science to art.

The self-taught painter worked in the style of the impressionists and expressionists at first. After he got to know the work of some modern dutch realists like Carel Willink and Dick Ket, he started to paint more realistic. Following old masters like Vermeer and Caravaggio, he also experimented with optical devices as tools for painting, as hollow mirrors, the camera lucida and the camera obscura. He also experimented with alternative media like artificial resins that harden when irradiated with UV light. The experiments did not yield any useful results though. Ironically, a technique that has existed already for 500 years, turned out to be still the best for him: being oil paint and working after nature. Jos paints in a realistic manner, but tries to suggest as much detail as possible without painting explicitely. This is achieved by adding structure to the paint with a palette knife. In this technique he has been influenced strongly by Rembrandt. What fascinates him is the study of all visual elements (structure, shade, high lights, reflections) from which our brain reconstructs an almost tangible three dimensional world in our imagination. The painter can use these elements to create his own world and to take along the viewer into this world.

How to draw an apple. a teapot, an egg, a shoe a fruit tart and many more

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