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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Albena Vatcheva

Albena Vatcheva

architect, poet, artist-painter

ALBENA is a young French artist of Bulgarian origin who advances in a spectacular way. Her painting is the heiress of various traditions, including that of masters of the icon. Using different oriental sources, in particular India and Persia, she has created a world of troubling fairy, which exercises a true fascination over the eye, so much her glowing colors create magic. Tender, loving, her characters live in a world of peace, harmony and mutual consolation. Let us not forget that poetry was her first passion. ALBENA lives in the parallel universe of tales, of big universal legends, of invincible childhood and enjoys an outstanding sensibility. The ease and the elegance she has acquired allow her to express a wide range of feelings. Spiritual and sensual, she is undoubtedly only at the dawn of more than a promising journey. We have here an authentic talent, especially considering her recent admission into the sphere of painting.

« Avec les pinceaux de mon enfance, je puise dans mes souvenirs et rêves d’amour.
La mémoire subconsciente suit les traces de mon peuple qui a toujours recherché, pendant les siècles d’histoire difficile, la joie de vivre et ces racines dans les traditions orthodoxes et mystiques de nos ancêtres. »

« Mon œuvre évolue constamment vers une imagerie-symbiose de différentes cultures, légendes, mythologies: Perse, Inde, Egypte, Japon, Thrace, Byzance… Avec une inspiration des vitraux, de l’Art Nouveau, des contes de fées de mon enfance, chaque tableau est un abri «éternel» pour la meilleure partie de moi – mes rêves de jeunesse - de cette vie et des vies passées. »


zoe said...

very uplifting colors and patterns, and i adore the cats and horses :D
also, planet rock is playing, by jason moran--that is a new discovery for me, and i love it!
so thank you twice, jazz! :D

J(a)-(z)z said...

I'm glad that you like it :)

My mixpod is sleeping for a long time, i think i'm going to wake up him (very) soon. Perhaps you like some new stuff ;)

Big kiss

Anonymous said...

hi from ALBENA ;)

J(a)-(z)z said...

HI , There :)

Thanks !

Granny said...

I Would So Like A Mural.

Thank You For Enriching My Soul.


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