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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Leona Shanks

Leona Shanks

As an artist, I have much to say. My art is a forum for me to express ideas that are in my consciousness. Images will not leave my mind until I explore them on canvas. My platform for communication is with paintbrush and canvas.

As an artist, I want to paint something that matters and is relevant to contemporary issues. I aspire to make a contribution so that when I leave this earth, maybe I have done something meaningful. A fire rages inside of me to create art that has soul and significance.

The greatest honor or ultimate achievement for me as an artist would be to create art that provokes an emotion or inspires thought in someone else. Life moves so fast. Maybe my work will enable someone to see something they might not have otherwise noticed. I will spend my life in search of truth which is found in the soul of everything living and also in death.

Art is seductive, inspirational, meditative and spiritual. I have and will continue to devote my life to this genre that compels and intoxicates our inner psyche.

1980 to 1982 Studied at The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and The Art Institute of Philadelphia.

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