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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

John Brockington

John Brockington

I was born in Bristol in 1961. I moved to London in 1979 to study at the 'Slade School of Fine Art'. There I set out in pursuit of the traditional skills. Accurate renderings of anatomy, colour and perspective, are the building blocks for my paintings.

In my paintings, firstly I set out to create a thing of beauty, secondly, I try to use symbolism and narrative to load the work with ideas - for those willing to dig a little deeper.

Over thirty years I have worked within these same principles, building a body of work that has a strong visual impact, but also a lot to say for itself under the surface.

Over recent years -especially -the narrative elements in my pictures have woven together and the same characters repeatedly appear. Another development for me has been the way my home town of Clevedon has become a sort of magical setting for my paintings. Together these elements give a sense of cohesion to the world that I depict.

With so much ‘King’s new clothesery’ abounding in the contemporary art world these days, its more important than ever to hold to one's artistic principles.


Jonibrock said...


Jonibrock said...

Thanks for posting some of my work - you have some great stuff on here!Anyone who would like to see more of mine, can visit my home site at
Thanks again, John

artodyssey said...

I'm glad you like it :)
I'll have to put more pictures. The slide show that I had disappeared when " closed doors". Do you have a Facebook page, so I can add to the information?
If you click with the mouse on your name you can see that the site is already there. I always put in the information from the website or gallery :)

Have a nice day. Wish you all the luck , persobal and profissional. Great work you have !!!!!!

Jonibrock said...

Hi again, and thanks. Your blog site is amazing...I can't drag myself away from it, so many brilliant artists...I'm very honored to have a place among them! It must take a great deal of work to compile and manage,so you are obviously very committed -very much appreciated, keep up the good work. Is your bio up anywhere? John

artodyssey said...

Thanks for your nice words Joni :)
I'm not an artist, just a fan and I have no "bio" :) here the only think important are the artists and they work. I want that people came here because they like what I publish and not because what or who I am. ART is what really matters .
Best regards from Portugal (a little and beautiful country )


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