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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Gilbert Garcin

Gilbert Garcin est né à La Ciotat en 1929
Il vit et travaille à Marseille / Lives and works in Marseille

Gilbert Garcin is not only at the same time a director, stage farmer and photographer of his photographs, but at the same time also the main figure of his pictures. There is hardly a photo of Garcin, on which he is not to be seen. Styled to an all world figure in the tradition of an conventional-amusing Monsieur Hulot Garcin, he goes through his own odyssey, in which society criticism, humour and a strong sensitivity are determining for everyday stories. Everyone of his minimalistic arranged photographies resembles a theatrical act on the generic term cures stage of the life.

Gilbert Garcin was born 1929 in La Ciotat, France and lives in Marseille. Only after its retreat from the business life he discovered 1993 for itself the photography. Meanwhile already four photo books with its work were published. It is represented in numerous international exhibitions and on photo-festivals and fairs in completely Europe present. In Germany he will be represented by in focus the gallery, Cologne.



Leovi said...

Vale más una imagen que 1.000 palabras. Un verdadero compendio filosófico genialmente expresado en imágenes.

J(a)-(z)z said...

También me gusta mucho sus trabajos, me pregunto qué historias están detrás de ellos.


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