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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Robert Daalmeijer

Robert (1972) was an autodidact. In his very early years he spent much of his time to draw with remarkable eye for detail and proportions.

Between his 23th and 30th he exhibited regularly at renowned galleries in the Netherlands. In this period were weathered and faded objects natural objects central to his still lifes .

presented below are for Daalmeijer a new phase : old dolls , worn , sometimes stripped of life and limb , got a new lease of life . Because they are old, dirty and dusty and forgotten and have become deserted, has a value for him .

Today also appears more and more people in work . Here too is a certain sadness and desolation felt , sometimes prying eyes , sometimes by an ethereal portrait looming in the dark , often with the serenity of a tranquil look.

All this together is the inspiration that urges the painting of a melancholy loneliness that is felt in every painting .

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