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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

James McGrath

James McGrath

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''The allure of James McGrath’s work lies in its visual seduction, and its stunning marriage of Baroque illusion with cutting-edge digital technology. James McGrath’s latest exhibition, “Suspending Illusion” takes his 17th century inspired compositions to a new level, giving greater scope to McGrath’s original vision.

James folds his own paintings in with historical artwork to construct abstract compositions that are printed on photographic paper face mounted to Plexiglas. The results are stunning landscapes and figurative works which are presented in compositions that simulate the billowing drapes of the Baroque era (circa 1600-1715) using Baroque theories of perspective.

In James’ words “These panels are not photography, traditional painting, or pure digital art – and yet are linked to all three media. The works fold 18th century genres and narratives together to create a compelling contemporary image.”


Blake Exhibition Finalist, Sydney, Australia
Australian Arts Council new media Commission, Sydney, Australia
National Digital Art Award Queensland, Brisbane, Australia
NSW Ministry of Arts Project grant
Australian Post Graduate Award, Sydney, Australia
Directors Award, Sculpture By the Sea, Sydney, Australia
Moya Goring Paris Studio residency, Cite des Arts, Paris, France
Bioloa International Design Award, Sydney, Australia

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