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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Sharon Allicotti

''I have found that contemplating the spare beauty and silence of the desert region east of my home in Los Angeles seems to empty the mind of the trivial, with the poetic taking its place. These vast, abandoned landscapes inspire a state of creative reverie and, as featured in my work, are evocative of the profound mystery of the mind. Verisimilitude is crucial to the effectiveness of the work. The high degree of detailed pictorial realism engages the viewer in a resonant illusion meant to convey stillness and timelessness-- as well as a sensation of subtle, inward intensity. The painstaking technique is employed to produce a compelling equivalence of observed appearances and a restrained surface quality appropriate to the works’ quiet, meditative expression. The dry, elemental properties of pastel, charcoal, and chalk feel particularly well-suited to describing features of an arid environment. The city-dweller must travel ever increasing distances to find the rewards of relative solitude. The automobile, although a product of advanced technology, can privately convey us away from civilization and its material distractions. In the West, it is the largely undeveloped desert where we may find a renewed connection with what often remains elusive: our essential self.''

Sharon Allicotti

''Sharon Allicotti's paintings represent an evocative, lyrical relationship between the lone figure in repose--or objects suggesting the human presence--and the starkly beautiful desert landscapes east of the Los Angeles metropolis where she lives. It is not only the unique features of the sitter and environment she portrays, but she creates an image that is expansive and resonantly psychological. Although the works are characterized by great specificity they remain as with poetryopen to individual interpretation.''


MFA, California State University, Long Beach, 1987

Selected Honors and Grants
•Purchase Award, Works on Paper: Beginnings, Brand Library Art Galleries, Glendale, CA, 2009
•Residency Fellowship, The Helene Wurlitzer Foundation of Taos, New Mexico, 2003
•Purchase Prize, Wright State University Art Galleries, Dayton, OH, 2000
•Best of Show Award, Texas National, Stephen Austin Univ., TX, 1998

Mónica Saenz e Mariana Valdés

Monica Saenz
1957 Born in Montevideo, Uruguay.
1973 Studies painting with Jorge Damiani.
1977 Collective exhibition "Uruguayan Naif Painting"
Alliance Française Montevideo.
Collective exhibition "Les Naifs d'Uruguay" galerie "Naifs et Primitivs" Paris.
1977-79 Theater studies at "Icthus" theater school in Montevideo.
1980 Takes part in the collective exhibition of the BROU (Banco de la Republica Oriental del Uruguay).
1981 Gains an honorary mention at the "Young Uruguayan Painting Competition."
1982 Takes part in the movies in Uruguay exhibition "Young Uruguay painting.
Studies "Science Communication" in the Catholic University of Montevideo (Univerdidd Católica de Montevideo).
1984-85 Studies painting and drawing with John Storm in Montevideo.
1985-88 Attends the Zully and Clever Lara Atelier in Montevideo.

Mariana Valdes

1964 Born in Montevideo, Uruguay.
1979 Studies drawing with Hilda Lopez in Montevideo
1981 Selected for the permanent collection of the International Baccalaurate Examination Council in Switzeland.
1982 Studies at the "Science Communication" Catholic University of Montevideo (Catholic University of Montevideo)
1983 Begins Architecture School in Montevideo (Faculty of Architecture, Montevideo, Universidad de la República)
1985 Studies painting and drawing with John Storm in Montevideo.
1987 Studies at the Beaux Arts School of Buenos Aires, Argentina (Escuela Superior de Bellas Artes Ernesto de la Cárcova ", Buenos Aires)
Studies painting with Luis Felipe Noé in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
1988 First Prize in the Storefront Display Competition by the Montevideo City Council (Municipality of Montevideo).


Paul W. Ruiz

Paul W. Ruiz

Paul Ruiz completed his visual arts education at Melbourne University in 1996.

For over ten years Paul consulted on technology-driven projects across several industries whilst deepening his continued fascination with the visual analysis, drawing and painting of the human figure.

After launching his first solo exhibition in 2005, Ruiz' work found eager collectors in Australia and abroad whilst represented by Melbourne-based galleries.

The artist's work is now represented alongside prominent emerging and mid-career artists at Lindberg Contemporary Art and he is working towards his next solo show of paintings to be held in Melbourne in 2010.

1995 Bachelor of Visual Arts, University of Melbourne
2009 Cert IV Training & Assessment, Southern Cross Training

Stephen Wright

Stephen Wright

here and here

''Stephen is a figure painter working in a realist genre. His clarity and sense of form lend a palpable edge to his restrained yet psychologically charged paintings. Stephen’s subtle vision pervades his canvases with unnerving consistency, and imparts a sense of disquieting beauty in the viewer.''

BORN: 1962, Los Angeles, CA
EDUCATION:1987 BFA: Graphic Design, Minor: Illustration,Cal State, Long Beach, CA

Yaroslav Kurbanov

Yaroslav Kurbanov

Kurbanov was born to artist-parents in Makhachkala, Dagestan and graduated from the Jamal Dagestan Art College. Following his service in the army, he enrolled in painting and theater at the Repin Institute for Painting, Sculpture and Architecture under artist Eduard Kachirgin, artistic director of St. Petersburg’s famous Big Dramatic Theater. As a student in the theatrical program, Kurbanov studied intensively with the regular painting students. He also took six additional years of coursework in set and costume design.

The art of the Renaissance has been a powerful influence on Kurbanov, especially the work of Botticelli and Leonardo da Vinci. He also spent hours copying the Flemish masters at St. Petersburg’s Hermitage Museum. Kurbanov is known for his figurative paintings. His forms are simplified and sensual, emphasizing sinuous lines and smooth flesh. The mood becomes quiet and introspective. Kurbanov’s female subjects often appear close to the viewer, filling the picture plane. When the composition is cut off, an interesting perspective is created and the figure seems to share the viewer’s space. Subjects that are larger than life take on a contemporary feel with a heightened sense of drama.

Kurbanov’s paintings are in private and institutional collections in Russia, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, Japan, Finland, and The United States. Collections include the city of Genoa, and that of the former American Consul in St. Petersburg. Kurbanov exhibits extensively, with notable one-man shows in the German cities of Muenster, Wetslar, Berlin, Hamburg, Nuernberg, and Cologne, as well as in St. Petersburg, Russia and Amsterdam, Holland. Additionally, he has been featured in group shows in Holland, Germany, Russia, China, Mexico, Finland, Chechia, Italy, France, Belgium, and the United States.

Kurbanov is included in the book, Tradition Rediscovered: The Finley Collection of Russian Art, published by CommonPlace Publishing.


born in 1968, Makhachkala (Dagestan) .
1987 – graduated from Dagestan Art College.
1996 - graduated from I. E. Repin Institute for Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, theatre department, supervisor E.S. Kochergin.
Since 1997 Yaroslav Kurbanov is a member of Saint Petersburg Union of Water Colorists.


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