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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Nikolai Zaitsev - НИКОЛАЙ ЗАЙЦЕВ

Nikolai Zaitsev

Nikolai Zaitsev was born in Berlin in 1956.
In 1974 he entered the Stroganov Art School. But after the first year he left it and became a soldier.
Also he was one of the founders of the first Moscow private art gallery “Arbat-48”.
He had exhibitions in different cities such as:
Paris (1992)
New-York (1996)
Hannover (1997)
Baden-Baden (1998)
Morevoer private collectors from different countries have his works in their collections.
Nikolai Zaitsev is a member of the Moscow Artist Union.

Cliff Finity

Cliff Finity

Cliff Finity was born in 1954 a couple of miles from John Muir's grave, in the lap of Mount Diablo, roughly 20 miles from San Francisco, California.

He is a self-taught painter using classical technique; oil on Belgian linen canvas or museum quality panels.

His style is commonly described as "Surrealistic", although this kind of imaginary representational painting predates written history.

His first one man show was in 1972 at the Vesuvio Bar, adjacent to City Lights Bookstore in San Francisco.

His work is represented in collections around the world, from New York to Florence, Tucson to Seattle.

DJ Hall

DJ Hall

1951 Los Angeles, CA

1973 University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA; B.F.A. (magna cum laude)

"D.J. Hall Papers", Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC
6th Annual Heritage Award, presented by the Santa Monica Heritage Museum, Santa Monica, CA for contributions to the cultural heritage of the Santa Monica Bay Community

1999-2005 Otis College, Los Angeles, CA; Life Drawing Instructor, Foundation Department
1992-1993 UCLA, Los Angeles, CA; School of Fine Arts, Design Department; Visiting Lecturer
1987 California State University, Long Beach, CA; Visiting Artist
1983 California State University, Los Angeles, CA; Life Drawing Instructor
1980 California State University, Northridge, CA; Painting Instructor
1978 Northern State college, Aberdeen, SD; Artist-in-Residence

1977 National Endowment for the Arts, Artists’ Fellowship (painting)

Natasha Foucault

Natasha Foucault

Silk Paintings

Natasha Foucault once literally walked the heels off her boots taking photographs and sketching in the south of France for a new series of silk paintings. It is this unswerving devotion to her work that has produced her brilliant silk paintings and wearable art.

From the black and white world of sense-dulling Moscow winters to the glowing stained glass windows of Prague’s cathedrals, Natasha has found beauty and mystery wherever she opens her eyes to see and to paint.

Once she had experienced the hypnotic effect of liquid dyes moving on shimmering silk fibers, she swore allegiance to the medium of silk painting in order to create her own brilliant style. She has filled gallery walls in several countries with fine art, and sent hundreds of smiling women out of her showroom, their beauty and grace enhanced by the flowing lines of her boldly executed silk clothing.

Her passion to communicate her love of life has led Natasha to extensive artistic journeys through the loveliest cities of Europe and Russia, like Leningrad, Riga, Paris, Venice, Genoa, and Avignon.

Whether her newly purchased auto is being stolen by the Russian mafia the moment it hits the docks, or she is being taken on a wild impromptu insiders’ tour of Istanbul by three enthusiastic Turkish students, she flaunts danger in search of artistic inspiration.

“We Russians are kind of fatalistic. We feel that when your number is up, it’s up. In the meantime, we enjoy life to its fullest”, Natasha reflects.

Her paintings may carry you back to the street scenes and special corners of cities where you’ve traveled, or transport the armchair traveler to a world he or she would love to see but never has. People from all walks of life admire her work. Natasha’s control of the medium in creating reflections in water and glass and fine architectural detail is unmatched.

Now painting from her rooftop studio overlooking San Francisco Bay, Natasha has added images of the California coast and countryside to her repertoire.

Natasha’s works on silk have been exhibited and sold in both museums and commercial galleries throughout the world. In 1995 she had a one-woman exhibit of her silk painting and wearable art at the Silk Museum in Holland. She received second prize at the First International Silk Painting Congress in 1998 for Excellence in Silk Painting and The Best of the Show Award both at 2004 and 2006 Silk-In-Santa Fe Festivals.

Her new book, “Silk Diary, An Artist’s Journey from Moscow to Mendocino“, co-authored with Jeanne-Michele Salander, combines a collection of Natasha’s silk art, stories of her life as an artist, and her signature painting techniques.

Natasha’s paintings are prominently featured in Susan Moyer’s book “Silk Painting for Fashion and Fine Art”.

Darren Baker

Darren Baker

here and here

Darren Baker was born in 1976.

Baker attended Bradford Art College graduating in the summer of 1998. After graduation Darren exhibited in London and at the age of 23 was invited to exhibit his paintings at a UK millennium show in New York. In the same year Baker was appointed official artist of The Professional Footballer’s Association (PFA).

Darren went onto produce an impressive art portfolio of contemporary portraits for sports clubs and personalities alike. Having developed a relationship with Huddersfield Town FC, Baker’s creativity was stirred into painting a tribute image of ex-player Frank Worthington. Inspired by black and white photographs, Baker produced a portrait painting of one football’s great characters. Baker has subsequently worked alongside and produced contemporary paintings for other sporting personalities including: David Ginola, Peter Schmiechel, Henrik Larsson, Prince Naseem, Nigel Mansell Jonny Wilkinson and PFA Footballer of the Year portraits of John Terry, Steven Gerrard, Ruud van Nistelrooy and Teddy Sheringham. Sporting clubs who have promoted his art include: Manchester United, Leeds United, Glasgow Celtic, Bradford City, Yorkshire Cricket, and Leeds Rhinos.

Other portraits completed by Darren Baker include HRH Prince Charles and Tony Blair which hang in St James Palace and Downing Street respectively. Darren has also completed contemporary paintings on a range of art subjects including: interiors, portraiture, figurative, equestrian, landscape, and ballet.

More recently Darren Baker has been asked to produce a portrait of Her Majesty the Queen to commemorate her 85th birthday

However it is Darren Baker’s love for the 'still-life' that has started to attract critical praise. International Artist wrote: "Bathed in varying light conditions, Baker arranges and describes everyday objects with delicate sensitivity. They have a delicious attention to detail. Baker's paintings also suggest a human presence, the objects are seemingly left in a natural state yet are so artfully organized".

David Johnson of The Sunday Times has also commended his painting. He wrote:
'The Rustic Table’ is a thrilling painting because it embodies that wonderful magic of being two pictures in one: at close quarters the mark of your pastel is so visible to the eye as to win admiration for your deftness of touch; but as one moves back and the image sharpens to what we might inadequately call "photographic" realism, the objects within this seemingly "still" life vibrate no less than cubist forms, with such intensity as to demand renewed viewing over and over again. I observed that not only does it capture simultaneously the repose and intimacy of a traditional Dutch still life, but it presents a showcase for Darren's virtuosity.”

Darren Baker is now one of leading painters within the British Art classical realism genre. Baker’s technique and vision are the result of observation and inspiration from the Old Masters and contemporary realist painters.

Darren Baker has received numerous art awards including best artist at The Fine Art trade guild ceremony in London and The Garrick Prize, Christies, London. His contemporary paintings are increasingly sought after by International and British Art collectors and hang in both public and private art collections including those of: House of Lords, Downing Street and St James Palace.

In addition to Red Rag British Art Gallery Darren Baker art work has been exhibited at other leading British Art Galleries. Each painting at Red Rag is sourced from the Darren Baker artist studio and like all Red Rag British art and Contemporary art it can be shipped worldwide.


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