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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Kelly Reemtsen

Kelly Reemtsen


2008 Crown Point Press, Etching workshop. Plate making and printing with master printers. San Francisco, CA
2007 Art Center at Night, Printmaking General Studies and Studio, Pasadena, CA
2005 Art Center at Night, Branding for the Art Market, Pasadena, CA
2000-2001 Private study, Modern Multiples, Silkscreen studio and technique, Los Angeles, CA
1999-2001 Private Study, Hee Sook Kim Studio, Printmaking General Studies and Printmaking Studio, New York, NY
1995 Otis Parsons, Painting, Los Angeles, CA
1992-1995 Private Study, Michael Tracy, Painting, Pasadena, CA
1988-1990 California State University Long Beach, Fashion Design, Fine Art, Painting, Long Beach, CA
1985-1990 Central Michigan University, Fashion Design, Fine Art Program, Mt. Pleasant, MI

Samantha French

Samantha French's paintings and mixed media drawings reflect a connection to the past and her own memories of life in Minnesota. Her series focusing on bathers is her link to home and thecontinual search for the feeling of sun on your face, warm summer days at the lake. Shades of blue dominate her work as gestural figures in swimming attire represent memories of her past and a romanticized time far before hers with wool suits, dark eyeliner and bob haircuts.

French is a Minnesota native now living and working in New York. She graduated from MCAD with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2005. In 2006 she received an individual artist grant from the Five Wings Arts Council.

Christian Deberdt

Christian Deberdt was born into an artistic family. At a very early age he attended the Gametta Printing School and the Estienne Graphic Art School in Paris, while apprenticing in reproduction and printing studios.

In 1966, at the age of 18, with four years of experience in the graphic arts field, Deberdt decided to leave Paris and to start a new life in Montreal where his eldest brother was already established.

Deberdt decided to become a full time artist in 1976. He was greatly influenced by the Group of Seven, in particular Lawren Harris’ graphic landscape depictions.Around the same time he discovered the work of Tom Forrestal. From these influences his style and vision started to immerge.

For Deberdt the subject matter is rarely cerebral, intellectual or ideological. His thematics are simple although they are illustrated in meticulous detail. He observes the natural elements and simplifies them to their purest form. The subject matter is often landscapes and the celebration of the pastoral is evident in all his artworks.

Christian Deberdt is represented across Canada and in the United States and his work can be found in numerous public and private collections.

Né à Paris en 1947, Christian s'installe à Montréal en 1968 et, riche de son expérience en imprimerie qui le familiarise avec la couleur, il commence à peindre sérieusement à partir de 1975 et expose avec Jean-Pierre Valentin trois ans plus tard. Travaillant très minutieusement avec l'acrylique sur toile, Christian combine merveilleusement le rêve et la réalité dans une peinture tri-dimentionnelle. Son oeuvre est une représentation stylisée, dans un style tout a fait unique, des montagnes et des arbres, des lacs et des rivières, des pierres et des fleurs de l'Estrie. Depuis plus de 25 ans, les toiles de Christian Deberdt se trouvent dans les collections les plus prestigieuses du Canada et des États-Unis.

Cyntia Blair

Cyntia Blair

here and here

I am a freelance artist with expertise in both traditional artwork and digital design. I adore both, and embrace the way technology now allows us to combine and create work that can impart layers of meaning. Classically trained as an illustrator, I’m first and foremost a traditional artist, though equally at home in the digital world. I’ve won awards and been featured in several art magazines, as well as being a signature member of some art societies.

I use Photoshop to develop and refine painting concepts, often compositing and manipulating images to bring a heightened sense of reality to my subjects. These are used as references for the final painting. I am comfortable in a variety of mediums: charcoal, pastels, and oils, both small scale and large.

I also enjoy a variety of subjects, equally at home with portraits, animals, florals, landscapes and seascapes…I’ll try any subject I have the desire to explore. I’m always up for a new challenge and a chance to learn and grow spiritually.

Helping other artists bridge the gap between their traditional art world and the digital world comes naturally to me, and I truly enjoy being able to help them market their art online. In this respect, I’ve worked with clients across town and across the globe, empowering them to reach out to new markets through custom designed websites and social networking. I donate as much time as I can spare to charities and volunteer efforts, as well as mentoring young artists online through

About the paintings:

"Through my paintings I wish to express something more, the intangible center which transcends the ordinary and illuminates the mythic essence, if you will, which exists within us, unchanged since we were children. As children, we absorbed the beauty of all around us, touched with a glow of magic conjured by our imaginations. I wish to bring the viewer back to that time, to experience things, maybe not as they were, but as we wish to remember them.”
First Place, CIAA Annual Art Show August 2008 for "Drifting"

Second Place, Open Juried Show at Town Hall Gallery, July 2008 for "Moonrise over Old Harbor"

Award of Merit, Pastel Painters Society of Cape Cod exhibition, "For Pastels Only, on Cape Cod" August 2004 "Sunflower Solstice II"

People's Choice Award "CIAA Exhibition at Wickford Art Assn." for "Behind Zeek's" March 2004

First Place "Affair Of The Art" Juried Open Competition, Randall Gallery, Feb 2004, for "Swept Away"

2nd Place "Still Life" catagory, Pastel Journal "Annual 100" 2003 among 3000 entries for "Sunflower Solstice I"

Hon. Mention CIAA Annual Show for "Sunsplash 3: Frolic" July 2003

Hon. Mention in Wickford Art Association's "Here's looking at you" portrait competition for "Forward Spin" Jan 2003

Won Holbein Award for Excellence, "Renaissance in Pastel" Connecticut Pastel Society, for "Waiting for the Tide" Nov 2002

Juried 3 paintings into PPSCC exhibition, "For Pastels Only, on Cape Cod" August 2002 "Sunset Sail", "Breakfast on the Patio", "Duck Pond Reflections"

Finalist in Pastel Int'l Magazine competition, "Still Life/Floral" July 2002 issue for "Waterlilies"

Juried into WAA "Ocean State" exhibition, July 2002 for "Run with the Waves"

Juried 3 paintings into Pastel Painters Society of Cape Cod Signature Members Show; May 2002 "Dinghy Dock II" chosen as exhibition postcard.

2nd place, Wickford Art Association show, "Kids, Games and Animals" 2002 for "The Draft Horse"

Juried into Newport Art Museum Member's Show 2002 for "Koi Pond II"

Deidre But-Husaim

Deidre But-Husaim

Born Australia

2006 Bachelor of Visual Art, Adelaide Centre for the Arts
2004 Diploma of Visual Art, Adelaide Central School of Art
1998 Visual Design in Industry, Ngapartji Multimedia Centre
1997 Digital Imaging, Ngapartji Multimedia Centre


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